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The Doofus Rick Appearance In Rick And Morty That Has A Clear Explanation

It's hard to find a show with more out-there ideas than "Rick and Morty." The hit animated science fiction comedy sitcom on Adult Swim follows a dimension-hopping alcoholic scientist and his anxious grandson as they engage in a number of outrageous adventures and memorable B stories. The show embraces its comedic, sci-fi, and animated sides in stride, letting loose a wild assortment of unique concepts that don't hold back in presenting a vision that is equal parts hilariously absurd and oddly sincere. From transforming into pickles to jumping into dreams to changing all of humanity into grotesque Cronenberg monstrosities, "Rick and Morty" holds nothing back in crafting a surreal experience that never takes itself too seriously.

One of the most prominent concepts explored in "Rick and Morty" tackles the idea of multiverses and alternate dimensions. Many of these dimensions not only contain their own wild ideas and rules but also feature different versions of the show's mainstay characters. One of the most memorable versions of Rick is Doofus Rick, a friendlier, albeit more naive version of Rick that appears in the Season 1 episode, "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind." While his first appearance was a wholesome highlight of the show, a more subtle appearance of the character has some unique significance to it.

Doofus Rick is remembered fondly by Jerry

At the end of Season 2, Rick is incarcerated in a maximum-security prison, while the start of Season 3 sees the rest of the family live on Earth under the Galactic Federation that imprisoned Rick. Unhappy with their new lives, Summer makes plans to rescue Rick, which Morty is initially against. While Summer digs through the garage that used to house Rick's lab, we get a glimpse of a photo of Doofus Rick in the background.

Fans were all over the Easter egg. On Reddit, u/sleepysoobie kicked off a thread after posting a screenshot of the moment. The presence of the picture inspires plenty of questions, the most important of which is — why would Rick keep a photo of a "lesser" version of himself? Fans in the thread have a foolproof reason. U/trickytrev54 says, "Rick was in prison, the garage now belonged to Jerry. Which is why there is a picture of Doofus Rick." Similarly, u/sleepysoobie says that this checks out, given that "Jerry seemed to be the only one who liked him."

In "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind," Jerry forms a friendship with Doofus Rick, as their interactions represent the only time Jerry and a Rick gain a mutual understanding. So it makes sense that while Rick is in prison, Jerry would decorate the garage to his liking, including having a photo of Doofus Rick to remind him of the good times. It makes too much sense, and to be honest, we don't blame Jerry. As u/Kingwuffles says, "Why not, Doofus Rick is a nice guy. I would love to have a pic of him in my garage!"