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One Of The Best Rick And Morty B Stories According To Fans

There's never a dull moment in "Rick and Morty." The brainchild of Justin Roiland and "Community" scribe Dan Harmon, the series has been airing on Adult Swim in 2013 and shows no signs of stopping. The inventive and crude animated series focuses on the genius but foul-mouthed inventor Rick (Roiland) and his anxious, awkward grandson, Morty (also Roiland). Together, the two embark on crazy, hypnotic adventures through space and time.

Seeing as the A plots in "Rick and Morty" tend to be pretty chaotic and unhinged, it's safe to assume that the relative tameness of most B stories is normally intended to allow the audience to breathe. Of course, this is "Rick and Morty" we're talking about, where nothing goes as expected. Sometimes, the B plots can go even further than the A plots, resulting in hilariously spectacular results. 

Indeed, some of the show's most memorable episodes come from B plots, which tend to be looser and less narratively restricted when they don't involve Rick and/or Morty. Which episode has the best side plot? Most fans of the series seem to agree there's one B plot in the Adult Swim series that stands above the rest.

Keep Summer Safe is one of the best B plots in Rick and Morty

In "Rick and Morty" Season 2, Episode 6 ("The Ricks Must Be Crazy"), the titular duo attempt to fix the battery inside the inventor's flying car. It's at this moment that Rick tells the sentient vehicle three magic words: "Keep Summer safe." In typical fashion, the car pays strict attention to Rick's instructions and stops various assailants from harming Morty's sister. Before long, the vehicle is engaged in a hostile standoff with the police and military.

In a Reddit thread showcasing a clip of the car taunting a military officer, a number of users made their love for the episode quite clear. "One of the greatest B plots in any show ever, honestly," One user wrote. "It's so ... good." In response, u/JoelRobbin also chimed in with acclaim, writing "This is still the best episode of 'Rick and Morty' in my opinion, and it isn't even close." Similarly, u/AC2-YT praised the crazed B plot, amusingly suggesting that writers penned Summer's story first and then wrote around it.

"First 'Rick and Morty' episode I watched," u/Brian2017wshs also wrote. "Hooked on the series after." On this Reddit thread, praise like this seemed to be a common refrain. Another example included u/idrow1, who said, "This show has some brilliant, yet at the same time, very messed up scenes. It's equal parts impressive and horrifying."

For a series like "Rick and Morty," that's almost certainly a compliment.