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The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Cameo That Has Fans Buzzing

By this point, the ongoing third season of "The Boys" has already left viewers totally gobsmacked thanks to a shocking cameo from Charlize Theron, who plays an in-universe fictional version of Aya Cash's Stormfront in the Vought tentpole "Dawn of the Seven" in Episode 1, "Payback." At that moment, fans were primed to expect that almost anything can happen on the infamously wild and unpredictable series. And fans of the subversive superhero satire were treated to a surprising but not completely unexpected cameo appearance in the show's Season 3, Episode 5, entitled "The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies."

In "The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies," longtime fans of "The Boys" are treated to the spectacle of Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden) performing on an OnlyFans-like video platform for $19.50 per minute. It's the second time we spend time with the colorful supe after her tense meeting with Frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) that ends in her violently offing a Homelander mascot at the Vought theme park where she works. One of the Countess's patrons on the site is an uncomfortably enthusiastic guy who goes by the NSFW handle "SIR-C***-A-LOT-779." This actor who plays this memorable character should be familiar to pretty much everyone watching the show, and fan response to the appearance has been vocal — both in the positive and negative sense.

Seth Rogen's third cameo is garnering mixed reactions

If you're a devoted fan of "The Boys," you may recall cameo appearances from executive producer Seth Rogen in Seasons 1 and 2. Per his IMDb profile, Rogen appears in the Season 1 episode "The Innocents" and Season 2's "The Big Ride." So seeing the actor pop up in the role of SIR-C***-A-LOT-779, as shocking as it may be, does make sense given his behind-the-scenes involvement. It also makes the cameo that much funnier since Rogen's previous appearances were as a fictional version of himself, which leads to the somewhat shocking implication that this appearance may also be the fictional version of him we've seen before.

Fan response to the cameo can be described as "mixed." On Twitter, @kevandon3377 proclaimed, "Seth Rogen just had the greatest cameo in history." Elsewhere, user @ItsSlothyy was even more enthusiastic: "That Seth Rogen cameo gotta be one of the funniest s*** I've seen from him in a while." But then there are the horrified and annoyed responses to the cameo. Like @Tazmin98, who speaks for long-suffering "The Boys" fans everywhere: "I didn't think they'd be anything more traumatic in 'The Boys,' but Seth Rogen takes the cake." Twitter user @foddermountain wrote, "Seth Rogen, I really didn't need to see this, but now that I have, everyone gets to, too." User @ leslieleeiii echoed this, commenting, "Did not need to see Seth Rogen appear in 'The Boys.' Hope we're done with that. Weakest episode of the series thus far."

As you might expect, given the nature of Rogen's appearance on the show, other fan responses you can see online aren't exactly suitable for a family-friendly publication. But given that it's "The Boys" we're talking about, would you ever expect anything less?