The Reincarnation Theory That Would Change Everything On Sons Of Anarchy

The following article includes mentions of suicide.

Fatherhood is the bloody tie that binds together the characters of FX's "Sons of Anarchy." Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is driven by the ghost of his father JT (Nicholas Guest) to uproot the culture of his motorcycle club, SAMCRO, but in the end, pays an incredibly high price for his ideals. But Jax is more than a vessel for his father's revenge. He's two men in a single package: A deadly biker willing to deal drugs and sell black-market weapons to ensure the supremacy and monetary security of his club and a man who would do anything for his children.

Having lost his own father so young — and having a role model like Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) raise him through his rebellious teen years — doesn't leave Jax with much of a role model to rely on. But he does manage to parent his sons, Abel (Ryder and Evan Londo) and Thomas (Sophia and Victoria Markov), successfully throughout the series. Jax tries his best to protect the boys even when circumstances beyond his control make that notion difficult — and even when his own choices put his children in danger. In the end, he knows that he must do what's best for both of them, ensuring that they find safety and succor during his final days with Abel's mother, Wendy Case (Drea De Matteo).

It's that bond of fatherhood — from JT to Jax to Abel — that inspires this unusual reincarnation-related fan theory that's been circulating recently among fans of "Sons of Anarchy." If it's true, it would definitely change everything about the way viewers look at the drama. 

Has JT been reincarnated as Abel?

Charlie Hunnam has previously shot down fan theories related to the show before, telling People in November 2020 that the notion that Jax survives his suicide attempt at the end of "Sons of Anarchy" is untrue. The actor remarked, "He's dead now. So there would be no ever bringing him back. When he died, he died." But Hunnam has never weighed in on this unusual fan-conceived notion.

Per a December 2014 Reddit theory posted by u/friendlygost, a member of the "Sons of Anarchy" subreddit, little Abel is a reincarnation of his grandfather. U/friendlygost points out that Abel's birth is what ultimately serves as a catalyst that introduces Jax to JT's diary-turned-manifesto and pits him against Clay in pursuit of justice for his father. Much of the show's subsequent story follows Jax's futile quest for revenge, which culminates in his death by suicide. "Papa's Goods," the show's series finale, strongly hints that Abel will follow in Jax and JT's footsteps, despite Jax's desperate attempt at keeping him out of the family business.

But u/friendlygost thought the episode provided more than mere foreshadowing. Could JT be directing the show's events from beyond the grave? "I'm thinking, has Jax's plan to get his kids out of the club completely failed then, or, more outrageous, has Abel's plan to change the club around worked? Perhaps Abel Teller is really an [sic] reincarnation Jackson Teller's deceased father, John Teller?" they wondered. It's not a far-fetched conclusion; JT dies in 1992 –years before the show starts — and Abel is born in 2008. 

Fans have several intriguing theories about JT's death

Naturally, u/friendlygost's theory isn't the only unusual plot-driven theory about JT's death to have been bandied about by "Sons of Anarchy" fans. In 2012, a fan of the show circulated a theory on the "Sons of Anarchy" subreddit suggesting Clay is Jax's birth father. Since fans of the never got to see Jax's birth certificate, and Jax's mother, Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal), is not particularly faithful to JT, there is some on-screen wiggle room for this idea. Might Gemma want her son to have the extra protection of his birth father's presence in his life while dealing with SAMCRO's constantly-volatile atmosphere?  Fans ultimately had mixed opinions on the theory's validity. 

Another Reddit fan theory posted in January 2022 posits that JT intentionally dies by suicide. Intriguingly, this theory seems to have some basis in the show's reality. The FX drama suggests numerous times that JT knows Gemma and Clay are trying to kill him, and instead, he transitions on his own terms. After he was asked by a fan whether or not JT died by suicide on Instagram (archived via Twitter), showrunner Kurt Sutter replied, "You're not supposed to figure it out. That was the existential drift that haunted Jax. And now you." Thus, fans of the show remain torn over the subject to this day.

Whether you think these fan-driven notions are simply too far-fetched or you hope they might be true, "Sons of Anarchy" fans are nothing if not a creative bunch.

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