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The JT Theory That Would Change Everything On Sons Of Anarchy

The original "Hamlet" is a Shakespearean tragedy about the young eponymous prince of Denmark who goes through serious emotional turmoil after his father dies under mysterious circumstances. Even worse, after the king's death, Hamlet finds himself haunted by his father from beyond the grave. Hamlet's father insists that the boy's uncle, who now sits on the throne, is the murderer — and that it is up to Hamlet to make things right by avenging him. The play is so compelling that even to this day, popular art and entertainment culture is still recycling that same storyline in movies like "The Lion King" and popular TV shows like "Sons of Anarchy."

In the latter television series, John "JT" Teller is the departed leader of the SAMCRO motor club, a motorcycle gang whose activities put them on the wrong side of the law more often than not. Despite his deaths years earlier, JT speaks to his son, Jax (Charlie Hunnam), from the dead in the form of letters and a manifesto he leaves behind. Over the course of the series, Jax slowly figures out how his uncle and mother are both actually responsible for his father's untimely demise. 

Sadly, he also slowly begins to realize how trying to be a good husband and father to his children isn't possible given his deep and intractable connection to numerous illegal activities. When Jax frees himself by riding his bike head-first into an oncoming semi in the series, it may feel like a bit of a cop-out — but if one particular fan theory is true, Jax's end actually makes a lot more sense than most may realize.

Did John Teller kill himself? If so, it would explain a lot

According to "Sons of Anarchy" canon, JT's biker brother, Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), sabotaged his motorcycle so that he could take over as leader of the MC and marry JT's widow, Jemma (Katey Sagal). But there are many hints in the show — in the form of JT's writings and strange statements from Jax — which strongly hint that JT might have actually been aware of his impending doom. Of course, the implication of this shocking suggestion is that JT actually willingly allowed his own fatal accident to occur. As this theory goes, JT was disillusioned with the direction the motor club and knew that even if he followed the rules and tried to leave in the most peaceful way possible, he likely wouldn't be able to do so and live. So he took the only way out that was available to him. 

One particular Reddit thread discusses that theory in depth. In it, the original poster asks fellow Redditors whether they think JT's death was a homicide, a suicide, or some unique combination of the two. Many commenters, including the OP, seemed to favor the third option. During the discussion, u/Schree421 pointed out that when "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Stutter was asked that same question, he answered quite cryptically. "You're not supposed to figure it out," Sutter said (via Yahoo! News). "That was the existential drift that haunted Jax. And now you." 

In continuing the discussion, u/Sskoog said, "I think the technical term is 'premeditated murder, and the victim went along with it.'" Of course, if this theory is true, then JT's son dying in a similar manner really brings the whole story full circle.

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