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Chace Crawford Reveals Why He Told His Family Not To Watch The Boys Season 3 - Exclusive

"The Boys" gets weirder and weirder every season, and the jaw-dropping off-the-wall moments don't seem to be stopping any time soon. Eric Kripke is no stranger to network TV red tape, and he's well-known for testing the waters of what he can get away with in his shows. Now, with a dream service like Prime Video, where the characters can drop the F-bomb every five seconds, it seems like the sky (or the ocean) is the limit for how "The Boys" can push the envelope. Although fans might be horrified at times, they also can't get enough of the series' raunchiest and most bizarre moments.

Chace Crawford's character, The Deep, has had some of the most uncomfortable moments in the show right from the very first season when he agrees to titillate a dolphin. Um, what? Well, things are getting even more perverse for The Deep this season, and Crawford doesn't want his family anywhere near the third season. C'mon, there's literally an episode called "Herogasm." Would you want your family tuning into that? Crawford's answer to that is a vehement "No."

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Chace Crawford revealed why he told his family to tune out of "The Boys" Season 3 while co-star Claudia Doumit teased him about it.

Justice for Timothy

We asked Crawford how he gets in the headspace to have raunchy moments with sea creatures, what the scenes look like without CGI, and whether or not he tells his family not to watch the show. With a laugh, Crawford said, "Yes to everything. Yes to all of it. It was hard to sleep at night for a while, but I got through it."

The show's fandom (and the Prime Video social channels) have demanded justice for Timothy, the octopus that Homelander forces The Deep to eat raw. According to Crawford, that scene looked very different without the special effects, but luckily enough, no actual octopi were harmed during the making of the episode. "The funny thing is, without the CGI, it's very interesting," Crawford explained. "Like eating Timothy [the octopus] ... the little food parts were mochi balls or whatever, but they did put Scotch tape on my face and pulled my face ... And they were like, 'Okay, we're done with that part.' And then they do their magic [behind the scenes]."

He teased another scene, adding, "I did have a very long octopus necklace. It weighed like 40 pounds. They had to keep cutting limbs off of [it] because it was too heavy. It was a lot. And yes, my family can't watch this season." A moment of silence for any of Crawford's family members who don't heed his advice.

No parents allowed

Doumit asked Crawford, "Did you tell them not to?" Well, Crawford danced around it a bit before flat-out telling his family to stay away. "No. My mom literally was like, 'Oh, and by the way, I keep seeing that this is the craziest season ever.' And she asked, 'Do I have to watch it?' Or something to that effect," Crawford recalled. "I told her, 'You don't have to watch it, Mom.' My dad loves it, though. They both love it. But, honestly, I told them, 'Guys, do not feel like you have to watch this season. Please don't. In fact, you're not allowed to.'" Good Call, Crawford.

Doumit joked, "That's funny because I messaged them, and I said, 'You have to watch this season, Chace's parents.'" Meanwhile, Crawford quipped back, "Yeah, right, exactly." Dear Crawford's mom: If you're reading this, please don't watch this season. Sincerely, the entire internet (and your son). To everyone else, go watch Season 3 immediately. You're welcome. 

New episodes of "The Boys" stream Fridays on Prime Video.