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How Chicago Med Fans Really Feel About Reese Leaving The Show

Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) is a doctor haunted by her past. The "Chicago Med" psychiatry resident's thoughts and sometimes diagnoses are affected by her never-ending sense of self-doubt. Driven by her childhood as the daughter of a single mother, she nevertheless becomes determined to do well by her patients. 

In spite of her insecurities, she becomes a mentee of Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and works directly under him to complete her degree. However, everything is thrown into doubt when her long-lost father surfaces. Her father is a brilliant physics professor named Robert Haywood (Michel Gill), but he's being treated by Dr. Charles, who believes he is a psychopath. Things get worse when Reese learns Haywood may be a murderer. Her father later has a heart attack and is brought into the hospital's ER, and she can't help but notice that Dr. Charles seems ready to let Haywood die instead of treating him.

Though Reese has worked to develop a life wholly dichotomous to her father's values, she can't cope with the way her knowledge of his condition has caused her to make several poor judgments about her own patients. The situation with her father breaks down Reese's relationship with Dr. Charles, and she realizes she can't work under him anymore. She chooses to depart Chicago entirely for Texas, with her final appearance on the show coming in the Season 4 premiere episode.

Reese's disappearance from the show might not have been the saddest in "Chicago Med" history, but it's one that definitely haunts some viewers. Ergo, a group of fans posting to the "Chicago Med" subreddit have gathered to give their opinions on Sarah Reese.

Fans are split over Reese

On the r/ChicagoMed subreddit, u/Pepperdude3888 started a thread about Sarah Reese, in which they declared that she was their favorite character. However, the responses they got were relatively mixed.

On one hand, u/weirdoinchains wished the character had been given more time to develop. "I would have loved to seen her grow as a doctor," they said, "psych or go back to emergency medicine; a confident one, where Dr Charles didn't have to 'worry' about her." Meanwhile, a few users expressed that they liked the character, but not the storyline involving her father.  "Yeah she was one of my favorites too. Unfortunately, they did her dirty in Season 3," wrote u/SebastiaanZ.

While some commenters, like u/Snoo-79464, thought that the character was gone too soon, others expressed that they weren't sad to see her go. Several fans, such as u/Far_Magazine_5084, weighed in to say they didn't like of the character's lack of development and insecurities as a doctor. Needless to say, they likely aren't hoping to see her return to Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Reese hasn't always been to everyone's taste — we put her second to last when we ranked the "Chicago Med" characters by likability

Will fans ever see Reese again? While speaking to FanSided's OneChicago Center, Executive Producer Andrew Schneider said of the possibility of a return for Reese, "If we can find a good way to bring her back later, we'll entertain that." So it seems that those hoping to see more of Sarah Reese could someday get their wish.