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Comics Legend Grant Morrison Confirms What We Suspected About Ezra Miller's Recent Behavior

"The Flash" might be a superhero movie that'll blow you away when it premieres in June 23, 2023. Right now, however, its star seems to be getting far more attention than the movie itself ... and not the good kind, either. Ezra Miller has been on the wrong side of the law more than once, thanks to their physical altercations with fans, as well as various other issues that may cause Miller to face serious career repercussions.

Apart from the shadow the actor's troubling behavior casts on their potential future involvement in the major Warner Bros. and DCEU franchises they're part of, Miller's actions have also drawn comments from people who are familiar with the star. Now, comics legend Grant Morrison – who, like Miller, uses they/them pronouns (via CBR) — has spoken about the recent events surrounding the actor, and their comments pretty much confirm our suspicions that even Ezra Miller's closest collaborators didn't see his recent legal troubles coming. The consummate professional and creative talent that Morrison describes sounds nothing like the Miller of recent headlines.

Morrison's experience with Miller was very different from the actor's current behavior

Grant Morrison worked with Ezra Miller on an early version of "The Flash" script, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, they say that the Miller they got to know is very different from the one who's been in the news recently.  

"I know they've had these problems," the comic book creator spoke of Miller's recent behavior. "I haven't spoken to them for a while, and the last time I spoke was long, long before this. All I can say is that it's just not the person I know. I've heard stories just like everyone else. I just don't know." Morrison went on to elaborate on the positive experience they had working with Miller, and how the actor seems to have started behaving in a radically different way following a period of seclusion. "Ezra cut off contact from pretty much everyone for a while. It's not the person they were. They weren't aggressive in any way. I just thought Ezra was a super-intelligent kid with so many talents. So all I can say is that I didn't see that side in any way with them."

Morrison was quick to point out that their script work with Miller took place over a relatively work-filled two-week period, but they also noted that despite the rush the experience was very positive and the actor's ideas impressed them. Since Morrison hasn't been in contact with Miller for a long time, the comics legend is obviously in the dark about their current situation — but they make extremely clear that the recent news about Miller's behavior couldn't be more different from the experience they had.