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Why Not Every Young Sheldon Fan Hates Mary

"The Big Bang Theory" gave viewers a narrow view of Sheldon's family life at times. His father, George Sr., was remembered as an adulterous alcoholic who didn't pay any attention to his wife and kids. His mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), didn't fare much better either, as her appearances on the show presented her as a judgmental right-wing Christian who was prone to making borderline racist comments. However, her problematic elements didn't stop some "Big Bang Theory" fans from celebrating Mary as the best mother on "The Big Bang Theory," but she undoubtedly encountered a few haters as well.

"Young Sheldon," meanwhile, offers a more nuanced take on Sheldon's upbringing and those who raised him. Younger Mary (Zoe Perry) isn't always depicted as the most likable character of the bunch, but some fans of the show can't help but root for her. But what is it about Mary that's made her sympathetic to some portions of the "Young Sheldon" fan base?

Some Young Sheldon fans think Mary deserves better

As mentioned earlier, Mary possesses strong Christian values which can make her act judgmental from time to time. On the flip side, she's charitable and has offered help to those in need on several occasions. In fact, she even reached out to her neighbor — and nemesis — Brenda (Melissa Peterman) after her husband left. Brenda didn't show much in the way of gratitude, however, as evidenced by her attempts to seduce Mary's husband (played Lance Barber) shortly after. According to some fans on Reddit, Mary deserves to be treated better.

"Yes, she is overbearing and judgmental, but she doesn't deserve being betrayed by all those to whom she lent support during their downtimes. I'm not sure where the writers plan to take the story, but I have a feeling it's gonna get a lot worse," u/Few-Theory1754 wrote.

This sentiment was echoed by u/MajorZombie7204, who claimed that she's too often ignored by her family and friends. "She is the source of emotional support for those around her and receives very little back in return. That lack of support is likely why she leans so much on religion and her faith."

Overall, the general consensus among the commenters was that Sheldon's whole family is flawed, and perhaps Mary shouldn't be judged so harshly. "This actually changed my previous perspective where I thought she was all evil," u/MappleJokie added.

Why some Young Sheldon fans hate Mary

While Mary has her defenders, there are some "Young Sheldon" fans who believe that she's selfish. According to Redditor u/tass985, she stood in the way of his dreams and made him unhappy in their marriage. "George was offered the job at Tulsa state, a huge pay raise, free housing, and great medical, Mary keeps him from taking the job. He then is offered HC job to entice Sheldon to go to college where he takes his one class full time. She b*****s and complains so he stays at the HS, lost money, health care, and other benefits," they wrote.

Other fans have been even harsher with their criticism of Mary, with one describing her as the worst parental figure in Sheldon's life. "The more I watch, the more I see Mary as a disgusting wife, mother, neighbor, and Christian," u/HotSeaworthiness6260. "She's just a monster. It makes me sad that it's Sheldon's father that dies and not Mary."

One common criticism from fans who participated in the aforementioned Reddit discussions was that Mary favors Sheldon over her other children. As such, she helped turn him into a socially awkward adult who lacks empathy for others. Needless to say, she's a very divisive character, and she's clearly made an impact on viewers.