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The Attack On Titan Character Fans Admit They All Have A Crush On

Anime enthusiasts swooning over certain characters has been a thing for a long while now, but "Attack on Titan" fans have upped the game considerably. While the series is mainly known for its brutal violence and political intrigue, there are also plenty of characters on the hit anime that fans seem eager to make their imaginary waifu or husbando.

"Attack on Titan" takes place in a world where the threat of gigantic humanoid monsters has seen the last of humanity cowering in a walled city on the island of Paradis. As the humans try to fight off their aggressors while seeking to understand the origins of their opponents, many characters in their physical prime go up against the monstrous threat.

From titan-killing fan-favorite Levi Ackerman (Hiroshi Kamiya and Matthew Mercer) to the deadly stoic Annie Leonheart (Yū Shimamura and Lauren Landa) and even the reluctant queen Historia Reiss (Shiori Mikami and Bryn Apprill), fans are never at a loss for characters to ship or pine over. However, there is a surprising new competitor that viewers are suddenly very interested in.

Attack on Titan fans are in love with Hitch

According to the r/ShingekiNoKyojin subreddit, many anime fans are obsessing over Hitch (Akeno Watanabe and Brittney Karbowski) in "Attack on Titan" Season 4. In a popular thread, one user began the conversation bluntly: "So like no ones gonna talk about how hot Hitch is in Season 4?" In the top-voted comment, u/SwiftOryx weighed in on the changes to her appearance. "She looks more mature than in previous seasons, I'll say that much."

Fans will recall that Hitch has been a background character for much of "Attack on Titan," though she occasionally sneaks into the spotlight. She first appears as Annie's friend in Season 1, teasing her about always being tired or late without knowing Annie's devastating secret. Later in Season 3, Marlo (Tomokazu Sugita and Todd Haberkorn), who is secretly in love with Hitch, thinks of Hitch in his dying moments. 

However, some fans have been pining over Hitch since the first season of the anime hit. In a much older thread, u/HamnetandGold asked if other fans shared their thoughts: "Am I the only one who realizes how hot Hitch is?" In the top-voted comment, u/H-K_47 responded, "She's pretty, yeah. But the Fair Maiden Hitch is reserved for Princess Annie," clearly hoping that Hitch and Annie might become more than friends someday. 

Of course, the changes to Hitch's appearance are the results of two different changes throughout the course of the series. The first is the 4-year time jump between Season 3 and Season 4 which makes the character appear significantly older, while the second is the change between production studios from Wit Studio to MAPPA (via Anime News Network). It would certainly appear that "Attack on Titan" fans are happy with the way the character has changed.