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Travina Springer Explains How She Mentored Iman Vellani On Ms. Marvel - Exclusive

If you ask a cast what it's like to work with their castmates, they'll often talk about sets that often feel like a family. Actors often spend more time with their costars than their spouses and families, so it's easy to see how quickly these bonds can form. Between late-night shoots, long hours, and a lot of laughs, "Ms. Marvel" actress Travina Springer (Tyesha Hillman) certainly feels this way about her younger costar Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel herself.

Although Vellani is just starting out in her career, her costars are quick to praise her for being a natural pro. No one could have pulled off Ms. Marvel better or more excitedly.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Travina Springer gushed about Iman Vellani's performance as Kamala Khan. She also revealed how she mentored the young actress and encouraged her to support herself. Additionally, she noted how the cast had fun (and worked out) during COVID isolation.

The one and only Kamala Khan

When it comes to working with Iman Vellani, her co-stars have nothing but wonderful things to say about the young actress. In passion, acting, and her knowledge of the character, Vellani is the perfect Kamala Khan.

Springer mirrored this sentiment, saying, "Oh my gosh. It was really amazing working with Iman, considering that she had no acting experience prior to this. She was a delight. As you can see for yourself, she was a delight." Vellani was ready to rock Kamala from the start, approaching the character with the same amount of fire one could expect from the actress behind the hero.

Springer added, "She hit the ground running, and she fully embodies who this character is. The casting was spot on. It was really, really a treat to play with her and see her develop over the series as an artist." If the critic and fan response is anything to go by, viewers are equally enjoying Vellani's portrayal of Kamala.

A pseudo big sister onset

On whether or not Springer had any fun moments with Vellani on or off set, or if she gave her any acting tips or advice, she said, "I felt like I did. Even playing the character that I do in the series, and our relationship on- and off-camera, I did feel a responsibility as an actor who is a little more seasoned than her to offer my support." 

Springer wanted to make sure Vellani felt seen and supported throughout the whole process — along with making sure she knew to speak for herself. The actress added, "I constantly was checking in with her like, 'Are you okay, do you have everything you need?' And [tell her] that you can advocate for yourself and ask for the things you need."

As for having fun between filming, Springer explained that the cast would all hang out after hours when they weren't working. "[Filming was] very much still [happening] within the pandemic — a lot of things were going on, so we were in our bubble," she said. "We were tested. We were the safe [about it], and we would hang out. It was always fun to see her progress when she would be working out — she got so strong. I was so proud of her. She was kicking butt." It's good to know Vellani kicks as much butt off screen as she does on screen with no signs of stopping.

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