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The Real-Life Chicago Med Couple You Didn't Know Were Broadway Stars

Colin Donnell spent five seasons on "Chicago Med" as Dr. Connor Rhodes, and while it appeared he had a quieter love life than some of his coworkers, looks can be deceiving. His first girlfriend, Robin Charles (Mekia Cox), thought she had schizophrenia, but she actually had a tumor between her lungs. She had it removed, and a short time later, she decided to leave town in Season 3, Episode 6 ("Ties That Bind"), and left a goodbye note for Connor. His second girlfriend, Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling), refused to accept they were over when he broke it off, killed Rhodes' father, and then slashed her carotid artery in front of him in Season 4, Episode 11 ("Who Can You Trust").

Patti Murin joined "Chicago Med" in Season 2 as Dr. Nina Shore. Nina quickly began dating fellow doctor Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), which culminated with the two of them living together. Unfortunately for Nina, Will was rebounding from his previous girlfriend, Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto), and broke up with Nina after realizing he still had feelings for his ex. "Chicago Med" fans were startled to learn that the two actors — while not sharing many scenes together — are much closer in real life.

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Married couple Colin Donnell and Patti Murin both starred on Broadway

When Reddit user amyxn posted on the platform asking, "Does anyone realize that the actors of Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Nina Shore (Will's ex-love interest) are married in real life?" the board lit up with comments. Some "Chicago Med" fans were surprised but excited to learn Patti Murin and Colin Donnell were a couple, while others already knew that and more: "And they are both Broadway performers!" one commenter chimed in. Indeed, Donnell has appeared in three Broadway shows, including "Jersey Boys," "Anything Goes," and "Violet" (via Broadway World). In "Anything Goes," he originated the role of Billy Crocker, starring alongside iconic performers John McMartin and Jessica Walter. Murin has also appeared in three Broadway shows, including "Xanadu," "Lysistrata Jones" in which she played the title role, and "Frozen," as Anna.

Murin and Donnell met in 2006 but didn't fall for each other until they starred in Shakespeare in the Park's "Love's Labour's Lost" in 2013. During an interview with Playbill, the pair recounted a party that changed things. "She may have kissed me in the hallway," Donnell remembered. "We were literally starting rehearsals two days later, and I was like, "What did I just do? I do not want a boyfriend right now," Murin recalled. "And I'd known him for so long."