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Chris Evans Admits This Lightyear Character Stole The Whole Movie

Pixar's "Lightyear" is the origin story of the proud space ranger who became so popular that a toy modeled after him became a massive hit in the "Toy Story" universe. In more ways than one, the young Buzz Lightyear (voided by Chris Evans) of this movie is a far more human figure than his classic toy counterpart (Tim Allen). Likewise, his namesake film is a very different from the ones the toy verson's adventures take place in.

However, there's one thing that the "Toy Story" series and their new prequel-spinoff share, which is that they're all filled to the brim with fascinating, charming and well-realized characters. Everyone has a favorite character in a Pixar animated movie, and not even the actors themselves are excempt to this rule. In a new interview, Evans has now admitted that one particular "Lightyear" character is so great that they effectively steal the whole movie.

Evans thinks Sox the cat robot is the movie's MVP

In an interview on ET Canada's YouTube channel, Chris Evans reveals that he considers Sox the cat (voiced by Peter Sohn) the movie's ultimate scene-stealer. "Of course I was obsessed with Sox. Who isn't?" Evans said. "I mean, he steals the entire movie." 

The actor also compared Sox's design with his own dog, Dodger. "I tell myself in my brain they made those colorings to Sox to model after Dodger. When I first saw Sox, I said: 'You know, aside from the fact that he's a cat, I see Dodger.'"

It's easy to understand why Evans is so enamored with the big-eyed catbot. Sox's design is a fun callback to the toy-themed franchise that spawned "Lightyear," and Sohn's cheerfully robotic voice acting is somewhat reminiscent of the talking dogs from another Pixar classic, "Up."

This isn't the first time the people behind "Lightyear" have been singing the character's praises, either. Evans himself has previously spoken of Sox's importance in "Lightyear" due to his role as Buzz's emotional support animal. Meanwhile, "Lightyear" creators have said that the reason Sox isn't in "Toy Story" movies is that the toy based on it was sold out everywhere. So, who knows? Apart from being an Evans favorite, Sox just might be the franchise's most popular character, in-universe.

Sox (and the other "Lightyear" characters) will arrive in theaters on June 17.