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Whatever Happened To Doc Spartan After Shark Tank?

Ambitious entrepreneurs walking into the ABC reality series "Shark Tank" must prepare to have either the best or worst day of their lives. Their task, after all, is to impress a panel of wealthy investors with a solid strategy for growth and a proven track record of success for their product or service proposals to have hopefully have one of the "sharks" invest in their idea. It's a dream that many try and fail at, but for those who do succeed, the doors open up to endless possibilities.

One of these success stories came in 2017 with Renee Wallace and Dale King's Doc Spartan, an all-natural skin care product that contains accelerated healing properties. King, a former army veteran stationed in Iraq, was seeking out an ointment for his new gym that would be effective on some of the extreme injuries sustained by people in the fitness community. As a mother concerned with what products she was using on her children, Wallace developed the healing ointment to ensure the safety of her family. They would decide to team up as business partners and found some success selling their product online and at some local gyms and tattoo shops.

 The duo appears on "Shark Tank" Season 8, Episode 16, where they propose a deal for $75,000 for a 15% stake in their business. Luckily, the two manage to win over and strike a deal with Robert Herjavec for their desired price but at a 25% stake instead. So does Doc Spartan continue to work its healing magic today?

King remains committed to helping the community

Doc Spartan has been able to find success following its "Shark Tank" deal. On a Season 12 update, we learn that the company has gone on to earn nearly $2 million in revenue since the deal, as opposed to the $56,000 range they raked in when first appearing on the show. With the help of Robert Herjavec and the rapid employment of individuals within the small town, Doc Spartan has expanded its product line. While originally envisioned as a skin care product, it has now gone on to include beard care, deodorant, apparel, and even pet care. These products and more can be found on Doc Spartan's official website

One of the most powerful aspects of Dale King's story is his devotion not only to delivering an excellent product but also to giving back to his community. After having served his time in the army, King returned to his hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio. After coming back, he was upset to discover that the once-bustling community he grew up in was now devastated by homelessness and the opioid epidemic. To combat these dilemmas and help create jobs within the community, King opened up a CrossFit gym (via The Boston Globe). 

After their big break on "Shark Tank," Doc Spartan was able to expand their reach to aid the community. In 2018, Dale and Renee Wallace started the Neighborhood Internal Defense, a program that helps former addicts find employment and move past their dangerous habits, further linking their company's growth with that of their Portsmouth community.