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Warrior Nun Fans Are Shipping These Two Characters Hard

The Netflix series "Warrior Nun" used a unique combination of religion and technology to create an action-fantasy series, which led to a number of interested viewers giving it a chance. Developed by Simon Barry, who previously created the science fiction series "Continuum" and the paranormal show "Ghost Wars," "Warrior Nun" originates from the graphic novel series "Warrior Nun Areala."

The show focuses on the war between nuns and demons, and a young woman named Ava Silva (Alba Baptista, who was rumored to be dating Chris Evans at one point) who gets inadvertently drawn into the conflict when a mystical object belonging to the nuns brings her back from the dead, while also no longer leaving her a quadriplegic.

As the show's first season went on, many fans found themselves invested in not only the characters but in potential relationships that might develop between them. There are two characters in particular that "Warrior Nun" fans have been shipping quite aggressively.

Fans want to see Ava and Beatrice together

Over on the subreddit r/WarriorNun, fans sensed romantic sparks between Ava and Sister Beatrice, played by Kristina Tonteri-Young. u/nellneheil began the conversation with a post wondering if anyone else ships the two characters, adding that "They have crazy chemistry and Ava is giving me major bi vibes." Several users chimed in agreement, with u/trac08 replying "I ship it! And I'm not a big shipper," while u/GabyaField12 said "Ava & Beatrice 100% i think they will end up with something in season 2 if there is one." u/Sibunanubis went one step further, asking, "Someone please tell me that I'm not the only person who immediately started searching for Ava/Beatrice fanfics after bingeing the series in a day."

Other Redditors pointed out that the show's eighth episode, titled "Proverbs 14:1," provided the most fuel to the speculation of a potential relationship between Ava and Beatrice. u/Uzario commented, "I mean episode 8 was basically just them staring lovingly at each other, so yeah I can definitely feel the vibes," while u/NiteBlood wrote, "That almost kiss in 1.08 ... the longing, the gentle shoulder and face touches, Beatrice's eyes slipping down to Ava's lips ... OTP Energy!" u/OoHobiSopeoO added to the chorus with, "after episode eight I just can't stop shipping them together."

Show creator Simon Barry wants to do right by the characters

In an interview with Variety, show creator Simon Barry spoke about the relationship between Ava and Beatrice, confirming that the sparks viewers saw between the two characters weren't simply their imagination. "There's definitely something there with Ava and Beatrice in the sense that, Beatrice openly admits she's gay and that's a part of her journey and part of our story. Does that define Ava? Well, that remains to be seen," he said.

However, Barry also said he wanted to be careful with developing the relationship, not wanting to rush it for fear of damaging it. "By defining Ava and Beatrice too quickly or too irresponsibly, we could kill it and ruin it. And I don't want to do that either," he stressed.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Barry expanded further, saying that one of the reasons he wants to take his time with Ava and Beatrice is to ensure both of them get fleshed out on their own, rather than in relation to each other. "The idea that her sexuality only exists in relation to Ava is simply not doing Beatrice a service," Barry said, adding that "We want to have them be independent and fully formed and have this beautiful connection that we can experience."

Barry has also spoken in more detail about his plans for Season 2 of "Warrior Nun." Two years after the release of the show's 1st season, Netflix recently announced the second season will be released this winter.