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The One Thing Westworld Fans Really Miss From The First Two Seasons

"Westworld" has to have one of the most bizarre premises of any series on HBO. Set in a world where the wealthy visit theme parks populated by humanoid robots, the science-fiction drama asks questions about morality, sentience, and what it means to be human or live a life that matters. To answer these questions, the series follows a variety of robots and humans on journeys of self-discovery. 

Sadly, the robots discover they are mere playthings for the rich, and the people realize their lives aren't nearly as interesting as those of the robots. Needless to say, there can be a lot to keep track of in the series. Still, despite the complexity and occasionally incomprehensible nature of the show, "Westworld" has still found a dedicated following of fans throughout its three seasons. 

Based on the 1973 Yul Brynner thriller of the same name, the series branched out beyond the theme park in Season 3, definitively taking the series beyond its source material. Unfortunately, some fans believe that these changes have caused the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy-led show has begun to lose a certain charm.

Fans miss the western look of the show

In the r/Westworld subreddit, fans discussed the change in settings as the show has evolved. "I really miss the western aesthetic," began u/1985portland1985. "For me, that was the charm of the show. The sci-fi worked amazingly with the contrasting western setting." The top-voted reply to this thread very much echoed these feelings. In response, u/golfwang1539 wrote, "I like the different feels of each season but man...I REALLY wish they stayed in the park and the rebellion didn't happen until the end of Season 2.

Other users suggested the show had never recovered from the high of the robot uprising at the end of the first season. "I loved season one. I love rewatching it. Season two and three...meh. But like you, I enjoy the old west feel. I wish they could have shown us more of that," said u/JadeRiverfalls. Shortly thereafter, u/QuadsNotBlades wrote, "Agree — I wish they'd spent another 2-3 seasons in the old west and only moved on to the real world at the conclusion of the show."

Whether you prefer the earlier episodes or have enjoyed the change in tone and style, there will no doubt be more to discuss when "Westworld returns for its fourth season on HBO this summer.

Westworld creators had their reasons for expanding in Season 3

The "Westworld" co-creators had their reasons for going beyond the original setting, though. Speaking with Variety about the changes in advance of the Season 3 premiere, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan explained the origins of the series and their reasons for taking it beyond the original parameters set by the first season.

"When Lisa and I were talking about the pilot, one of the things that was most exciting to us was, you learn the rules of these creatures and their world, and then you spring them out of there," said Nolan. So while fans may miss the original hook, the creators of "Westworld" clearly have a plan for expanding this world and giving our characters new goals to chase as they do.

"And now when you look outside of the park — I think everyone has delusions of grandeur, of agency, free will... and maybe they're not delusions," Joy explained. "That's part of the inquiry that I think we're excited about this season." As Season 4 explores even more new avenues of storytelling from "Westworld," the desert horizons have never held more potential. However, it will be up to the fans to decide how far they want to go on this particular ride.