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Westworld Creators Hint At Medieval And Roman Worlds In Season 2

We may visit even more theme parks than we thought in the second season of Westworld.

Deadline reports that during the Vanity Fair Summit, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy hinted that they may introduce Roman World and Medieval World amusement park zones, which were included in Michael Crichton's original 1973 movie. The season 1 finale revealed the existence of at least one other park, believed to be called Samurai World, and there are plenty of indications that we'll see that park in season 2.

When asked why they didn't allude to Roman World or Medieval World in the first season, Nolan said, "We had to save something for season 2."

In Crichton's Westworld movie, guests could visit several different theme parks, and in the 1976 sequel that wasn't written by Crichton, took place in a park known as Futureworld. 

Nolan and Joy also opened up about Artificial Intelligence technology, which is at the heart of the show. "I feel evenly split between the fear that A.I. will enslave us and make us do its bidding and my fear that it won't," Nolan said. "If you look at things that have gone down in the last year, humans are terrible at running this world. It's clear that there's room for improvement." 

Meanwhile, Joy said, "People like to ask, 'Why would A.I. want to be evil and destroy us?' A corporation's goal is to make profits. It's very simple. It's binary. It's either less or more. Computers work along the same thing. If you can see how, with the simplest of directives that can get blown into something beyond what could image, that's the kind of thing we're talking about."

There's no firm premiere date for the second season just yet, but it's expected to hit HBO in spring 2018.