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Karl Urban Reveals What It Was Like Working With Jensen Ackles On The Boys - Exclusive

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The wait is over: Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy is finally appearing on "The Boys," and the cast can't stop gushing about working with the show's newest chaotic villain. Of course, "The Boys" isn't the first time Ackles and series creator Eric Kripke have worked together. Ackles starred in Kripke's show "Supernatural" for 15 seasons, chronicling two demon-hunting brothers and their ride-along angel, which came to a close in 2020. And Kripke stepped back from "Supernatural" as showrunner after Season 5 to create shows like "Revolution" and "Timeless" — and it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon.

Meanwhile, fans fell in love with Karl Urban's performance in "The Boys" as Billy Butcher — the no-nonsense leader of the group. Ackles and Urban have more than a few intense and even comedic moments together in Season 3 of the series, bringing infectious chemistry to the screen. During an upcoming exclusive interview with Looper, Karl Urban gushed about working with Ackles in the latest season of "The Boys" and what skills the seasoned actor brings to set.

When Soldier Boy meets Billy Butcher

Ackles' reputation as a professional yet fun co-star proceeds him, and Kripke made sure to talk him up to "The Boys" cast. As Urban said, "I loved working with Jensen. I was warned by Eric that he was a great guy and a real solid professional player, and Jensen came to set and was immediately part of the family. He fit in like he'd been there since day one." Given that Ackles has directed more than a few TV episodes himself and is helming the production side of things for the "Supernatural" prequel "The Winchesters," the actor is a pro at improvising — both in scenes and coming up with solutions to any given problem onset.

"And I think one of the aspects that I really most appreciated about him when we were working is he has this innate ability to look at a situation. And if, for whatever reason, there is something that's not working, he will come up with some pretty solid ideas as to how to make it work. And he proved himself to be a valued member of the team, and I certainly hope that we get the opportunity to work with him again," Urban explained. He then added, "And in terms of him cracking jokes, I could always remember, pretty much at the end of every single take, Jensen would do some wacky thing and crack the crew up, and he was good to have around." It's good to hear that Ackles' jokester status and penchants for pranks are living on in his post-"Supernatural" work. And hopefully, Ackles will be on "The Boys" for a long time to come.

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