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Supernatural Prequel The Winchesters - What We Know So Far

Are "Supernatural" fans prepared to carry on? "The Winchesters," an upcoming prequel to the beloved CW series, will take a look into the past of the paterfamilias of the titular clan who ruled the roost on the long-lived drama. Hey, it worked for "Yellowstone."

The show is slated to center itself around the pre-"Supernatural" antics of John and Mary Winchester — parents of demon-hunting duo Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). Fans of the show know how things ended for John and Mary — hint: the answer is very poorly, with both of them dying tragic early deaths. But they don't know a lot about how they got together and why. "The Winchesters" seeks to fill in those early years — before John and Mary were even married.

Here's what we know so far about the show's cast, plotline, and debut date, among many other tidbits we could scrounge up about the show's future.

Who will star in The Winchesters and what will it be about?

At the time of this publication, "The Winchesters" has no announced start date at The CW. Since it was, via Deadline, greenlit for the show's fall pilot season, it's reasonable to assume that fans will see the show sometime in the early-to-mid fourth quarter, by November at the latest.

As of press time, per Deadline, only two members of the cast of "The Winchesters" have been set in stone. Per a press release from The CW, they are Jojo Fleites, who will portray "confident" Carlos Cervantez, a born demon fighter, and Nida Khurshid, who will portray brainy hunter-in-training Latika Desai. Jensen Ackles is also slated to narrate the show as Dean — perhaps, if it's set after the show's finale, from the great beyond? Per an earlier Twitter exchange between Jared Padalecki and Ackles, Padalecki is currently not slated to return to the show in any capacity as Sam.

No actors have been announced for the roles of Mary and John. There's no current word if Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith, who played adult versions of John and Mary on the show, might come back in some format. Morgan is currently a part of "The Walking Dead" as Negan and was recently announced to be a central figure in a new spinoff from that drama, lessening the chance he'll appear in the show. Matthew Joseph Cohen played a younger version of John on several episodes of the show, and Amy Jaclyn Gumenick played a younger version of Mary. There's no word if either actor has been engaged to play their former roles in the new spinoff.

The series is slated to revolve around John and Mary's life both before the kids and before their marriage — which will likely involve them discovering their hunting skills and then deploying them.