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The AHS: Apocalypse Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

From its central premise alone, "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" was bound to be something completely different from anything viewers had seen before on Ryan Murphy's popular horror anthology. "Apocalypse" imagines a world ravaged by nuclear war, with the remaining human population struggling to survive against radioactive fallout, oppressive secret societies, the mutated creatures now stalking the wasteland, and the Antichrist himself.

As if that wasn't enough, "Apocalypse" also served as an exciting crossover with previous "American Horror Story" seasons — namely "Murder House," "Coven," and "Hotel." Unlike other seasons which saw past characters appear in small cameos, "Apocalypse" had several popular characters return in prominent roles, making it one of the most memorable seasons to date.

Because so many characters show up in "Apocalypse," all the signs of the zodiac are well represented during this crazy season of "American Horror Story." Are you interested in finding out which "Apocalypse" character best sums up your astrological sign? Then read on.

Aries — Michael Langdon

Michael Langdon may be the main antagonist of "American Horror Story: Apocalypse," but like the astrological sign he best embodies, he's a much more complicated figure than that. Chosen by Satan himself as a pawn to bring about the end of humanity, Michael was raised to be the literal Antichrist — the biblical harbinger of death sworn to destroy the world. Despite his prophesied role in the apocalypse, however, Michael has complex feelings about his nature and his Antichrist status. Throughout his childhood and young adulthood, he felt rejected by everyone he ever loved due to his demonic presence and cruel nature, ultimately embracing his position as the Antichrist only because everyone else turned their backs on him.

In his youth and adulthood, Michael demonstrates all the qualities one would expect of Aries. He is short-tempered, impulsive, and prone to irrational bouts of anger. He's used to doing things his own way, never listening to anyone else and always preferring to be a leader rather than a follower. He even seems at odds with his master, the Devil, throughout most of the season, not wanting to see himself as a pawn.

Like his father, Tate, Michael can be overly emotional at times, letting his feelings (frequently negative emotions like anger or fear) dictate most of his actions. His motives during much of "Apocalypse" are a complete mystery, showing just how spontaneous he can be — very much in the same vein as Aries. As Michael himself says: "I don't like unpredictability unless I'm responsible for it."

Taurus — Cordelia Goode

Taureans crave stability above all else — they're very much comfortable in their daily lives. They dislike change, wanting to conserve everything the way it is, seldom leaving the confines of their stable living environments. Such stringent dependency on structure is best seen in the character Cordelia Goode, the headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy and the Supreme Witch of the Salem descendants.

Judicious, loyal, and sensible in her decision-making, Cordelia is very much the opposite of her mother Fiona (the former Supreme), whose selfishness and narcissism knew no bounds. While Fiona used her power out of vain self-interest, Cordelia uses it for the good of the coven, caring for each witch under her protection as she would a daughter. Loyalty is a hallmark of Taurus, so it shouldn't be surprising that Cordelia spends so much time worrying about her fellow witches. Like Cordelia, Taureans are also deeply rooted in the physical world, using logic and strategy to make most of their decisions, weighing each option carefully before deciding on the best possible choice.

As Taureans rely so heavily on structure and maintaining their current existence, they don't respond well to sudden changes. Though an extreme example, this can be reflected in Cordelia's attempts to combat the Antichrist, a figure who is directly threatening her coven and who has the potential to uproot Cordelia's entire life. She is a tireless leader who will always put the concerns of others before herself, constantly working to the point of exhaustion. This is another sign of a Taurean, someone who is always seeking to overcome obstacles that lay ahead.

Gemini — Dinah Stevens

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans and Marie Laveau's successor, Dinah Stevens holds her own interests above all other matters. When we first meet her, she appears as a charming and friendly former talk show host who remains kind, humble, and caring towards those around her. Over time, however, Dinah slowly reveals herself as a devious, conniving, and cunning woman who uses tricks, lies, voodoo, and manipulation to get what she wants. The thing Dinah cares about most is Dinah, something that even her own son, Andre, acknowledges. These two contrasting personalities scream Gemini.

Symbolized by the Twins, Dinah alternates between two different personas, appearing as almost two different people in one depending on who she's interacting with. In true Gemini fashion, she is a take-charge woman who dislikes following orders, preferring to remain in control. She also personifies many of the more common personality traits one can spot in a Gemini: She's extroverted, outgoing, and incredibly clever, able to tweak her personality depending on the company. On the flip side, she is also shown to be impulsive and extremely unreliable (given her allegiance only to herself), choosing to remain neutral in the conflict surrounding the apocalypse.

Cancer — Mallory

Cancers have famously nuanced personalities, so it shouldn't be surprising that someone as equally nuanced as Mallory falls into this category. At first, Mallory appears in "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" as a relatively minor character, the faithful assistant to an aspiring social media influencer. As the season progresses, we come to learn that Mallory is in fact a powerful witch under the influence of a spell that made her forget her powers. A former student at Miss Robichaux's, she was slated to be the next Supreme by her teachers, and is eventually handpicked to face the Antichrist — the only witch powerful enough to stop him.

Cancers are well-known for being emotionally withdrawn and distant. Though they may come across as a bit standoffish, they are actually capable of great emotion beneath the surface. This can be seen in Mallory's personality — someone who frequently hides her emotions from others out of fear of getting hurt — but also through her secret abilities as a witch. Like the shelled crab that symbolizes Cancer signs, Mallory hides her true self beneath her armor.

In terms of personality, Mallory illustrates many qualities associated with Cancer signs. She is shown to be an emotional, warm, and kind witch who cares deeply for her fellow coven members. As is usually the case with Cancers, she picks up skills easily, with most of her powers coming to her naturally and effortlessly.

Leo — Madison Montgomery

Leos are meant for the big screen. They are extroverted, in-your-face, larger-than-life personalities who thrive in front of crowds. They tend to be the most charismatic person in the room, someone who easily stands out among even the largest groups of people. Because of their outgoing nature, they tend to do well in positions that require them to perform. Knowing all this, who better fits the mold of a Leo than A-list actor turned sociopathic witch Madison Montgomery.

Though Madison had a largely antagonistic role in "American Horror Story: Coven," her stint in Hell seems to have humbled her by the time of "Apocalypse." No longer interested in advancing her own agendas, she actually makes an effort to help others, especially her fellow witches. Regardless of this character development, though, Madison still closely adheres to the qualities of a Leo, both before and after her resurrection. She is always shown to be vain, cocky, and self-assured in her powers, though that comes with the territory when you're a confident Leo.

For all her vanity, Madison hides a much softer interior, masking her severe insecurities and complex emotions so others can't see her more vulnerable side. She uses anger as a protective barrier, holding others at bay with insults. Leos hate taking orders or seeing themselves as inferior, something regularly reflected in Madison's behavior — although she's definitely a more chilled Leo in "Apocalypse."

Virgo — Wilhemina Venable

The leader of Outpost 3, one of the last bastions of humanity following a large-scale nuclear war, Wilhelmina Venable is plagued by a God complex. The definition of control freak, she goes against her directives and enforces her own unorthodox rules — breaking them can be punishable by death. She is an ambitious, power-hungry tyrant who abuses her authority, manipulating it to suit her own needs and desires. Though an extreme example, such uninhibited perfectionism is a telltale sign of a Virgo.

Famously judgemental, Virgos are quick to point out the flaws in other people while ignoring their own personal weaknesses. Though this characteristic makes them appear harsh in their judgment of others, their severe nature is simply a reflection of their own insecurities. Instead of looking at themselves, they comment on how other people are doing. This is something we see reflected in Venable, who is uncomfortable with her body and creates her own set of rules in Outpost 3 to compensate for her feelings.

Virgos are workaholics, always trying to fix issues that are probably best left alone. To Virgos, the only way to improve a situation is to put the hard work in, one of this sign's most admirable qualities. This is seen with Venable, who is always shown fidgeting with any problems she sees around Outpost 3, both as a way to keep busy, but also as a way to gain control over her surroundings.

Libra — Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt

Like her loyal assistant Mallory, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the ultra-wealthy social media influencer Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt. Initially, Coco appears as the privileged daughter of a billionaire — someone who relies on her father's vast resources to drift through life, and who is completely helpless without Mallory or someone else providing her with much-needed assistance. However, it's later revealed that Coco is actually a witch. Like Mallory, she's been under a spell that made her forget her true nature. When free from the spell, Coco is revealed to be a kind, talented, and a somewhat insecure witch who aids her coven in combating Michael.

Traces of a Libra personality can be found in Coco before and after she wakes from her spell. In the first few episodes, she very much falls into the category of a Libra. The biggest fear of a Libra is being alone, something reflected by Coco constantly needing attention, both from her online followers and from her staff. Under the spell, she is also shown to be extremely indecisive and constantly fantasizes about success and an idyllic future.

Coco also possesses the more positive qualities of a Libra personality. In her witch form, she is an incredibly caring and empathetic individual who is almost always willing to put the needs of others before herself. Even her Libra-related fears of being alone can be spotted through her relationship with Cordelia's coven, as she finally feels accepted by a group and becomes part of something larger than herself.

Scorpio — John Henry Moore

Straightforward and direct is the way of the Scorpio, a zodiac sign that doesn't do well when it comes to padded conversations. They are ambitious, clever, and confident in their abilities. Valuing intellect and logic, they are deep thinkers who weigh their options carefully before making a decision, seldom letting others in on their thinking process or emotions. With that description in mind, a number of characters in "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" might be seen as personifying a Scorpio personality. However, the character that perhaps best illustrates a Scorpio's main characteristics is that of John Henry Moore, a member of the Warlock Council and a teacher at the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men.

Moore maintains a very brutal view of the world, seeing it as a place filled with dangers that he constantly has to be on guard against. It's this character trait that correctly helps him identify the threat posed by Michael when he is recruited into the Hawthorne School. Even when every other warlock on the council seems supportive of Michael, Moore remains uncertain, a response fit for the ever-skeptical Scorpio.

Scorpios desire control, seeking to remain in charge of any situation they find themselves in. As a result, they tend to wall themselves off from others, feeling that by revealing too much emotion, they are showing weakness — something their enemies can take advantage of. They are also blunt and forthcoming in any knowledge they have at their disposal, something that can be seen with Moore, who is the only council member to stay loyal to Cordelia, informing her of Michael's true identity as the Antichrist.

Sagittarius — Miriam Mead

The personification of pure evil, Miriam Mead is the sadistic second-in-command of both Michael Langdon and (briefly) Wilhelmina Venable at Outpost 3. Originally the foster mother of Michael, Mead is a dedicated member of the Church of Satan, devoting her life to raising the Antichrist and bringing up the end of the world in the name of the Devil. Though she was killed, she was recreated as an android, with both incarnations of Mead faithfully serving Michael's whims.

Michael may have fought his inner demonic nature early in life, but Mead gave into her baser instincts pretty much from the get-go. A cruel, bullying enforcer, she delights in killing and torturing others, telling Venable that murder is in her DNA. However, she does not commit violence for the simple sake of violence. All of her brutal actions are done in the name of a cause or for a particular reason (because she was either ordered to by a superior or is trying to protect Michael). Her dedication to a singular cause is one of her most defining characteristics — and this is also an obvious sign of a Sagittarius.

In their hearts, Sagittarians remain fiercely loyal to their ideals. Unfortunately, in the case of someone like Mead, those ideals happen to be the teachings of Satan himself. Sagittarians realize how expansive the universe is and how relatively small a place they occupy in it. Knowing that, they seek to learn their place in the world, devoting themselves to ideas and philosophies. They are passionate in their beliefs and completely devoted to their goals — as is certainly the case with Mead.

Capricorn — Mr. Gallant

Capricorns want one thing above all else — approval. They want to feel a sense of belonging and of love. They don't want to be showered in praise all the time, but they do want a certain amount of appreciation for who they are. This is a quality best seen with the character of Mr. Malcolm Gallant, a stylish hairdresser and one of the survivors at Outpost 3.

Similar to a Capricorn, Gallant can come off as jaded and a bit of a jerk initially, frequently rubbing people up the wrong way. He puts value on material success and goods, living off his grandmother Evie's wealth and looking down upon those in lower social classes. This is a perfect example of Gallant resembling a Capricorn — a sign that is well-known for their obsession with materialism and viewing wealth as one of the most important things you can obtain in life. Rather than this being evidence of negative traits like greediness, however, a Capricorn's love of monetary success is more a way for them to measure their own personal successes in life. To Capricorns, nothing beats looking back at all the wealth you've accumulated through hard work and perseverance.

However, Capricorns also tend to harbor an inner sadness owing to a severe inferiority complex. Their extreme competitiveness and desire to prove themselves better than everyone else is based on their own belief that they are flawed and need to work harder to make up for it. Their perfectionism reveals a desire for others to accept them for who they are. This can easily be seen in Mr. Gallant's relationship with Evie, with Gallant once telling his grandmother that all he wanted was for her to love and accept him.

Aquarius — Myrtle Snow

The quirkiest sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are guaranteed to stand out in any crowd they find themselves in. They just can't help but go against the grain of society, existing as outsiders looking in. However, rather than feeling shameful about their outcast status, Aquarians take pride in it, seeing themselves as unique. If they were normal, they wouldn't be special — an Aquarian's worst nightmare is blending in with the crowd. Over the years, there have been several Aquarian characters within the "American Horror Story" world, but the most noteworthy and obvious example is Myrtle Snow, the odd but kindhearted head of the Witches' Council.

Flamboyant, eccentric, and definitely one-of-a-kind, Myrtle is the picture-perfect example of an Aquarian, right down to her loud style of dress. Myrtle's love for couture and strange fashion is similarly reflected in her distinct personality, appearing almost as Cordelia's crazed aunt. Myrtle's odd behavior and fashion choices directly adhere to the characteristics of an Aquarian, a sign that is always seeking to avoid classification.

Like her unusual nature and visual appearance, Myrtle's personality has Aquarius written all over it. She's intelligent, self-reliant, and knowledgeable — not only about her own powers, but the powers of her fellow witches, taking great care in the administrative duties of the coven. She's one of the most powerful witches we see in "American Horror Story: Apocalypse," perfectly in touch with the extent of her magical abilities, a trait that can be found with Aquarians, who know and recognize their limitations.

Pisces — Misty Day

Few characters fit the category of Pisces more than Misty Day, the free-spirited, otherworldly witch who dwells in the swamps of Louisiana. A laid back bohemian with practically no earthly attachments, Misty Day is a perfect example of a Pisces — someone who exists comfortably on the fringes of society, happily living a life that mixes reality and fantasy.

Inheriting all the lessons from the zodiac signs before it, Pisces are individuals known for being wise beyond their years. To them, every experience in life (both good and bad) is a profound lesson that informs their future selves. They don't put much stock into worldly possessions or in things that others value (such as material goods or wealth), valuing the simple, mundane things in life instead — like a Stevie Nicks song, in the case of Misty Day. They have an almost ethereal aura around them, like they have unlocked the answers to all of life's mysteries.

As is the case with most Pisces, it can be hard knowing what's going on inside Misty's head — her thought processes are complex, a spinning web of free-flowing thoughts. Having spent years on her own, she seems to have created her own plane of existence. Like all Pisces signs, Misty can be prone to deep emotions and come across as somewhat overly sensitive at times, with the slightest insults wounding deeply. While perhaps not exactly book-smart, Pisces tend to value wisdom over intelligence, something that can be easily spotted in Misty.