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Ms. Marvel Officially Adds Moon Knight Right Where He Belongs

The (most recent) wait is over, and the first episode of Marvel's "Ms. Marvel" has officially dropped on Disney+. For the uninitiated, the newest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Kamala Kahn who — perhaps obviously — takes her heroic inspirations from a certain intergalactic Captain. In the comics, her powerset is similar to that of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic (played by John Krasinski in the latest "Doctor Strange" movie), but in "Ms. Marvel," Kamala's powers are more energy-based — think Green Lantern vibes, but bluer and more purple. 

The young heroine has garnered acclaim across all mediums as being the most prominent Pakistani American superhero to date, and the series is even receiving a theatrical debut in Pakistan. Now, fan and critical reactions are pouring in and — don't worry, this isn't a discussion of spoilers — it looks like Marvel has a winner on their hands. 

A lot of the social buzz in the initial hours has been around the Easter egg-laden Avengerscon sequence. Again, no spoilers here, that much detail is in the episode blurb. However, as much fun as this convention is, it's not the only exciting Marvel reference. In fact, one fan on Twitter has spotted a cool, blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to fellow Disney+ star Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), and here's where you can see Marvel's most mystical mercenary make his (very brief) return. 

Moon Knight earned an appearance in the Marvel logo

The same way that an orchestra uses an overture to set the mood for a musical, movies sometimes use an introductory theme song, or a logo sequence. Marvel, for their part, uses both — and as fan account @MarcKingGrant noted on Twitter, the now-iconic Marvel Studios logo — seen at the beginning of their productions, amid a blast of music and numerous clips from their movies — has added Moon Knight to the fold.

In "Ms. Marvel," the white-suited protector of night travelers can be glimpsed in all his glory in the "M" of the Marvel logo, as if the editors were subliminally suggesting that he should snag that spot next time Marvel releases a superhero-themed alphabet book for children. Like most clips during that sequence, it's the sort of thing you'll only see if you already have your eyes peeled, but for fans — some of whom are stressfully waiting to see if a second season of "Moon Knight" is ever confirmed, and will likely remain anxious until it happens — it's a breath of fresh air to see clear evidence that Marvel is keeping him around. 

Does this signify that Moon Knight could be making a real comeback sooner, rather than later? It seems unlikely that this darker Marvel character would appear in the flesh in the more bubbly "Ms. Marvel," but the fact that Marvel is keeping his image out there does bode well for fans. As for when it happens, well, only a few people in the world might know the answer to that, and they seem to revel in not spilling their secrets.