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Rob Zombie Serves Up The Munsters Teaser With An Extra Scoop Of Nostalgia

From the dawn of time to the modern age, family remains one of the most important aspects of the human condition. What may be surprising to some is the fact that this remains true even if the humans in question wear the faces of monsters. We're not talking about the literal, violent type of monsters, but rather monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman! 

The original '60s iteration of "The Munsters" is about a spooky family that thoroughly enjoys neck bolts, bats, spiderwebs, and everything else that is macabre and morbid. However, despite their generally ghoulish outward appearances and a plethora of ancestral oddities, each member of "The Munsters" family has a heart of gold. In fact, according to HuffPost, the patriarch of the family's speech about tolerance and acceptance still strongly resonates even today.

Despite being a television show from over 50 years ago, "The Munsters" has proven to have an enduring legacy, and as reported by Movies and Mania, there have been numerous cartoons, television series, and feature-length films focused on the quirky household. The latest version of "The Munsters" is an upcoming film written and directed by legendary rocker Rob Zombie. According to IMDb, the movie will star Cassandra Peterson, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, Daniel Roebuck, and Sylvester McCoy. It will also reportedly feature one of the original cast members of the 1964 sitcom.

Universal recently released the first teaser trailer for the film, and it appears destined to tap into a vast wellspring of nostalgia.

The teaser trailer for Rob Zombie's The Munsters is a recreation of the original opening

The brand-new teaser for "The Munsters" on YouTube should immediately evoke feelings of nostalgia for those who grew up watching the popular series. As an almost shot-for-shot remake of the original opening sequence for the show, the teaser trailer kicks off with the immediately recognizable theme song. From there, the trailer progresses just as in the television show, with Hermann Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips) destroying the front door of his home simply by walking through it.

Lily Munster (Sheri Moon Zombie) then follows suit, walking through the hole in the door, taking note of the weather, and merrily continuing on her way. Shortly thereafter, Grandpa Munster (Daniel Roebuck) attempts to walk through the broken door with a shovel held lengthwise, which brings him to an abrupt halt before he notices that he has to hold the shovel upright in order to exit. Of course, this homage to the original series highlights that Rob Zombie is a genuinely heartfelt fan of the franchise.

The short starts off in black and white, but after the faithful recreation of the start of "The Munsters" television show intro, a title card is displayed that says "Now in living color" in a '60s-style font. In the next scene, Hermann, Lily, and Grandpa are shown awkwardly sitting on their couch, all clearly unsure of their next moves. Grandpa quizzically asks, "Now what?" just before the trailer ends.

Rob Zombie's "The Munsters" is due for release in 2022.