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Vinland Saga Fans Finally Got The Season 2 News They've Been Waiting For

Though at first glance it may seem like a historical drama like "Vikings" or "The Northman" would translate poorly when forced into the medium of Japanese anime, the incredibly popular Amazon Prime series "Vinland Saga" proves that the two complement each other perfectly. This Viking revenge anime presents the bloody and chaotic history of the era through the absolutely stunning animation of Wit Studio (famous for their work on "Attack on Titan"), and it has proven so popular among anime fans that it has already been ranked as the 43rd best anime of all time on MyAnimeList – a huge deal, considering it was only released in 2019.

Considering the show's immense popularity, it seemed inevitable that we would be getting a second season sooner rather than later. And indeed, the show began production on the upcoming season around this time last year. Though we've had mostly radio silence regarding the series ever since that announcement, fans finally received the first full trailer for Season 2 just this morning, which also provided fans with a confirmed release date for the highly anticipated season.

Season 2 is coming January 2023

The trailer gives us few scattered glimpses of the things to come within "Vinland Saga" Season 2, and also allows us to get our first look at the series' brand new look — a result of animation studio MAPPA taking over for the second season. Most importantly, the trailer ends with a title card that reads "streaming starts January 2023," providing fans with their first legitimate release date for Season 2.

Though some fans were no doubt hoping for a more concrete release timeline than the entire month of January, this news ought to be incredibly exciting for all those who have been waiting for a second season since 2019. Accompanying this exciting news was a statement from series director Shūhei Yabuta on Twitter, which reads: "Showy events will decrease and the pace of the story will slow down. However, the emotions of the characters move more greatly and fiery. I promise that there is a unique experience like no other."

 The trailer, along with this statement from Yabuta, will no doubt give fans much to be excited about in the months leading up to the series' January release — though no doubt, some fans will be holding out hope that there won't be another four-year-gap between this second season and, hopefully, the third.