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The Most Embarrassing Moment For Supernatural's Misha Collins

Since "Supernatural" first aired on the CW in 2005, fans were immediately hooked. Following Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) as they take on the "family business" of saving people and hunting things, the series saw the progression of the brothers' adventures from fighting and exorcising demons and mythical creatures to facing off against what they never expected, angels and gods. Funny, scary, and downright emotional, "Supernatural" made its way into viewers' hearts, and even after its finale nearly two years ago, its fanbase does not seem to be slowing down.

One of the most popular characters is Castiel (Misha Collins), who is introduced in the fourth season. An angel, Castiel is the one who reunites Dean with Sam after the former is sent to hell. Though Castiel starts out as a recurring character, he is made a regular — he is a special guest star in the seventh and eighth seasons — until "Supernatural's" end. Castiel's relationship with Dean has been a topic of discussion, particularly because some fans believed there were romantic feelings between them. This is confirmed in the penultimate episode, when Castiel confesses his love for Dean before sacrificing himself. Because of "Supernatural's" and Castiel's popularity, Collins had a rather embarrassing moment when he approached someone who he thought was a fan.

He thought someone dressed as Castiel for Halloween

Despite the fact that Misha Collins is considered one of the main characters in the 13th season, he only appears in a handful of episodes, making it seem as though he has become a guest star once again. On Reddit, u/cashew__man created a thread titled "This is what happens when you're still a 'guest star,'" sharing Collins' story about his Halloween in 2016. Collins — who addressed "Supernatural" creator, Eric Kripke — spotted a kid dressed as Castiel. After getting super and creepily close to the family, found out that he was not Castiel, but actually John Constantine. "It sucked 4 me," was how Collins ended his Tweet. 

u/WickedWitch7 commented, "Poor Misha," showing that the thread was aptly titled. Though Castiel had been in "Supernatural" for years, his reduced appearance that year might have been to blame for Collins not being recognized. Though Collins was embarrassed and, rightfully, upset that he wasn't talking to someone dressed as Castiel, he can rest easy knowing that his hordes of fans were probably jealous, and are probably still dreaming of randomly running into him on the street.