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The Staggering Number Of Supernatural Episodes Misha Collins Actually Filmed

In 2005, the CW series "Supernatural" introduced viewers to the Winchester brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). Raised by their father to hunt monsters, the determined siblings fight to save the world from demons, ghosts, and multiple apocalypses. The longest-running show on the CW, the cult hit famously aired for 15 years, ending recently in 2021 (via Deadline). While "Supernatural" consistently drew in average Nielsen numbers, often reaching 3 million views, the series largely endured for a decade due to its passionate, heavily-engaged fandom (via NPR). Despite its polarizing finale, many viewers continue to harbor affection for the main protagonists of the show, including Misha Collins' character Castiel.

In Season 4, Collins made his debut as the beloved avenging angel. A forthright entity with otherworldly powers, he saves Dean from hell and helps the Winchester brothers defeat Lucifer. As "Supernatural" writer and director Ben Edlund once shared during an interview with TVLine, "He's essentially... a perfect machine that has been infected with human qualities. Or you could say he was once a ruthless mechanism and he's been elevated by human qualities." Throughout the show, Castiel continually demonstrates unyielding compassion toward his allies, Dean and Sam, and eventually turns his back on heaven to aid his found family. Notably, Collins' character was only supposed to be on "Supernatural" for three episodes, but he eventually progressed into a full-fledged series regular (via ETOnline) filming dozens of episodes.

Misha Collins has starred in almost 150 episodes of Supernatural

According to IMDb, Misha Collins filmed 146 episodes of "Supernatural" during its run. As a fan-favorite character, Castiel often delighted viewers with his loyalty and deadpan humor. As u/stuffy_i noted on Reddit, "I think Cas was an absolutely essential part of the show and had a huge impact even with comparatively lower screen time." In a separate Reddit thread, other viewers lauded his character development, particularly when it came to his emotional growth.

Over time, fans observed the strong and poignant connection between Castiel and Dean, leading to a passionate sector of the fanbase who "shipped" the two characters together. Known as "Destiel" by many viewers, the moralistic angel and the gruff demon hunter frequently butted heads, yet soon came to rely on each other in dark, difficult moments. While the actors tended to sidestep any confirmation of a potential romance (via CBR), the last episode of the series memorably featured Castiel proclaiming his love for Dean. As one critic said of the scene, "[It] felt like the pinnacle of years of build-up and chemistry" (via Den of Geek). 

Although the overall arc of the finale continues to divide fans, the legacy of "Supernatural" appears to be one rooted in resilience. While speaking to Variety, Collins articulated the ethos of the show, explaining, "Even when the odds seem impossible, even when you're up against supernatural beings who are far more powerful foes, you keep fighting and if your heart is in it, you can prevail."