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This Look At Cillian Murphy As Doctor Doom Goes Beyond Our Wildest Imagination

"Fantastic Four" project set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be coming fans' way in the near future (via Marvel), and the possibilities of the actors who could make up the team are exciting. In fact, one of the biggest cameos during "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" was the appearance of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) as portrayed by John Krasinski. It had long been the desire of fans across the Internet to see the actor portray Mr. Fantastic in the MCU, and Krasinski even noted that we would be open to playing the character back in 2020 while speaking with Total Film.

With what we now know about the multiverse, this would seem to imply that we have yet to meet "our" Earth's version of Reed Richards in the MCU, along with Ben Grimm, and Johnny and Sue Storm. Of course, if the "Fantastic Four" MCU movie serves as another origin story for the characters, it is likely that we could meet Victor Von Doom as well. The iconic villain has previously been portrayed on screen by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell.

Although we still know very little about the MCU's "Fantastic Four," many fans have taken to social media to create concept art for actors they would like to see as characters like Doctor Doom. One, in particular, features actor Cillian Murphy in the role, and it's a look that goes beyond our wildest imaginations.

This is what Cillian Murphy could look like as the MCU's Doctor Doom

In a recent Instagram post from @akithefull, fans received a look at a possible Cillian Murphy portrayal of Doctor Doom. In the image, Murphy is clad in comics-accurate metal armor and his signature green hood. However, the hood is left down and the metal mask is removed, with Murphy holding it in his right hand. Murphy's Doom also has visible scars under his eyes, seemingly showing that this imagined version of the character also went through an experience that led him to create the armor and mask.

As Marvel enthusiasts know, the genius-level intellect of Victor von Doom (aka Doctor Doom) makes him one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. In fact, Doom's brilliance is known to even rival that of Reed Richards, someone often described as the smartest man alive. Throughout his time on the printed page, Doom has utilized these skills to accomplish a plethora of important tasks. Indeed, the character's actions have varied from saving all of reality to even stealing cosmic powers.

Given the fact that the only recent news regarding the upcoming "Fantastic Four" project is that Jon Watts has exited the director's chair (via Deadline), rumors are still plentiful as to who might portray Doctor Doom in his next journey to the big screen. Notably, more than a few people have thrown out Murphy's name (via Reddit). Popular concept artist @BossLogic even took to Twitter to release his interpretation of Murphy as Doctor Doom, furthering the anticipation for "Fantastic Four." 

Of course, only time will tell which actor will actually play the iconic Marvel character.