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The KISS Memorabilia On American Pickers That Frank Just Couldn't Let Go

When it comes to collecting, music is always going to be one of the things that make money. We definitely don't need to tell you this, but people love music and are bound to form a special bond with the bands they like the most. That's why whether it's old ticket stubs for concerts, signed band tees, or used instruments, people will shell out top dollar to get their hands on pieces of music history. That's also why you see Mike Wolfe and (until his departure) Frank Fritz often pursue music memorabilia on "American Pickers." That said, they'd be lying through their teeth if they said they never bought music items for their own personal pleasure.

Just like how Mike is an outspoken fan of The White Stripes, Frank isn't shy about sharing his unabashed love for hair metal and classic rock, specifically KISS. The four-man mega-group, known for their elaborate outfits and iconic black-and-white face paint, rank among Frank's favorite bands. That's why, when Frank found a rare piece of KISS memorabilia in one episode of "American Pickers," he just couldn't let it go.

Frank buys a beloved poster in one man's collector wonderland

In the Season 17 episode "Tunnels and Treasures," Mike and Frank journey to Tennessee, where they visit the home of the eclectic collector Arnie. While the two "American Pickers" stars are initially stunned by Arnie's collection, it isn't his KISS memorabilia that catches their attention. Instead, it's his massive stash of classic football helmets that, in time, would prove to be just the tip of Arnie's iceberg. Arnie's home is a maze of three interconnected houses full of various goodies relating to all sorts of things. Sports, superheroes, and (of course) music are all on his radar as a collector. It isn't until house No. 3, however, that Frank finally finds the KISS poster of his dreams.

Hanging up in one of Arnie's many storage rooms is a rare KISS painting, an artist's proof that Frank had never seen before in his many years of KISS fandom. It's the kind of thing he didn't just want but needs, and he barely hesitates when Arnie prices it at $200. In a flash, the two men shake hands and Frank grabs the painting off its spot on the wall to be transported to Frank's own macho man cave (much to the disappointment of Arnie). The only thing left is to throw it and the other items Arnie sold into the truck, and ship them off. But, before they leave, Frank gives their new friend one last "KISS Army!" cry.