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The Stranger Things Props Millie Bobby Brown Thinks Are So Insane

The fourth season of "Stranger Things" has dropped on Netflix, and as usual, the special effects and props for this go-around are completely out of this world. Accurate 1980s-themed set designs, realistic CGI paired with practical effects, incredible shooting locations, period-correct props — these are all things that help make "Stranger Things" (especially Season 4) such an awesome and intricate television series. In fact, star Millie Bobby Brown has taken an extra-special liking to one of the biggest and most important "Stranger Things" production items.

In a recent interview, production designer Chris Trujillo explained what went into the amazing effects viewers see on-screen in the final product. "Visual effects have become a big part of our world and our language, just because of the scale of things," Trujillo told Netflix's companion site Tudum. "But we always wanted to attempt anything practically, so it's about what physical materials we use." Trujillo later added, "It's always about finding the most period-correct, authentic elements."

When it comes to Brown's favorite "Stranger Things" prop, the 18-year-old actor described during a recent episode of the YouTube talk show "Hot Ones" that it's something that always leaves her stunned to see on set, especially since the thing in question is no longer in use anymore.

Brown is blown away by all the helicopters

According to Millie Bobby Brown, there's one thing on the "Stranger Things" set that almost always leaves her jaw dropped — the helicopters. But these aren't just any helicopters. These are old, 1980s military choppers. 

"We use a lot of helicopters," Brown explained during her "Hot Ones" appearance, after being asked by host Sean Evans what comes to her mind when she thinks of the best "Stranger Things" set pieces and props. "We have to get helicopters that are basically from the '80s ... that also go up in the sky," Brown said, "that can still do it." She added, "I think that's insane."

One major helicopter moment in Season 4 comes at the start of Chapter 3, "The Monster and the Superhero," when Lt. Colonel Sullivan (Sherman Augustus) makes a grand entrance at the home of Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) and his wife. Another big moment from Season 3, Chapter 8, "The Battle of Starcourt," shows a wave of helicopters descending on Hawkins. According to Redditors, the scene appears to feature Bell AH-1 Cobra Attack helos and Bell Uh-1 Iroquois/Huey Transport Helicopters. "This might have been my favorite shot," wrote Redditor u/lmhs73. "It's like the definition of ominous."