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Watch A Full Episode Of The Animated Better Call Saul Spin-Off Slippin' Jimmy Online For Free

For anyone who's not yet tired of exploring the backstory of Albuquerque's least ethical lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), who first appeared on "Breaking Bad" as Saul Goodman, the arrival of "Slippin' Jimmy" is definitely great news.

"Slippin' Jimmy" is one of three new animated "Better Call Saul" spinoffs that are premiering in 2022. The six-part series of animated shorts follows a young Jimmy McGill (Sean Giambrone) when he was a child in Chicago, a time when he was a young con artist honing his skills and known by the name "Slippin' Jimmy." Each episode follows Jimmy and his best friend/partner in crime Marco Pasternak (Kyle S. Moore) as they concoct various schemes to get ahead. Each episode also has a different theme, from spaghetti Westerns to Buster Keaton films to "The Exorcist" (via Variety).

The only downside of "Slippin' Jimmy" is that all six episodes were released exclusively on AMC+ back on May 23, (via Collider), necessitating a subscription to access them. Now, however, AMC has released the first episode for free online.

Watch Slippin' Jimmy and Marco try to score a big comic book in 1970's Chicago

The episode is titled "After Bedtime," and it's available on YouTube. Without spoiling too much, the story follows Jimmy and Marco as they sneak out past their bedtime in order to purchase a coveted 100th episode of a fictional comic book series starring the superhero Lady Labyrinth. Sure enough, they encounter several obstacles along the way.

This is just a taste of "Slippin' Jimmy," but for "Better Call Saul" fans, it might just be enough to justify an AMC+ subscription. Should you opt for one, you'll get access to even more "Better Call Saul" animated content. Also scheduled to premiere this spring is a series called "Cooper's Bar," which follows "Better Call Saul" fan favorite Kim Wexler. There are also more episodes of "Better Call Saul Employee Training" videos. After previously featuring videos about Los Pollos Hermanos employee training, Madrigal Electromotive security training, and Ethics Training with Kim Wexler, the new episodes will be about how to make local TV commercials like Jimmy's.

Otherwise, there's still the back half of "Better Call Saul" Season 6 to look forward to. After the first half premiered on April 18, the second will drop on July 11 (via Variety). The main series might be leaving, but hopefully all these cartoons will ease the sting.