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Fans Are Divided Over The CW's Gotham Knights After The First Trailer

First, "Supernatural" fans were given an excuse to watch The CW again after Misha Collins was cast as Harvey Dent in the forthcoming series "Gotham Knights." Shortly thereafter, The CW officially canceled "Batwoman" after production had been plagued by a whole host of problems, including the original lead actor stepping away from the role for controversial reasons. This cancellation confirmed that there would be a bat-sized hole in the network's Arrowverse, making every bit of news about "Gotham Knights" even more welcome. Now, the first trailer for "Gotham Knights" is here, and DC fans are setting social media on fire with their reactions.

The trailer for The CW's "Gotham Knights" dropped on Tuesday, May 31, today on the show's official Instagram and YouTube accounts. This first look runs about three and a half minutes long, and it sets the stage fairly well. Oscar Morgan plays Turner Hayes, Batman's adopted son who is seemingly in the dark about his father's secret identity — until the Wayne family patriarch is murdered. At one point in the trailer, Turner becomes a suspect and is interrogated for the homicide, but he bands together with some fellow teenagers also facing a conviction in order to clear their names.

If the social media response is any indication, the show's fictional characters won't just be fighting an uphill battle to establish their innocence; "Gotham Knights," alongside its fans, will be fighting for legitimacy among a sea of skeptical nay-sayers.

The Gotham Knights trailer had a mostly chilly reception on social media

DC fans didn't hold back following the debut of the first trailer for The CW's "Gotham Knights." On Twitter, @TheHylian2099 vented a laundry list of complaints based on what they observed in the trailer. According to them, the plot, the dialogue, certain casting decisions, and even the network's portrayal of the source material all fell short of their standards and expectations. In a similar sentiment, dozens of comments from users like @angyhermit expressed their displeasure not with words, but with an assortment of vivid GIFs.

Critics didn't pull any punches in the replies to lead actor Oscar Morgan's own positive comment on the Instagram post featuring the trailer, where he said, "This looks cool." The young star's enthusiasm was met with seeming derision from commenters @maxbarnett77, @joogywoog, and denunciation from people like @xd0novan who accused him of lying for doling out praise.

Of course, it's only natural that Morgan would want to support his own show. He got plenty of support from some of the more optimistic fans who don't necessarily have a vested interest in the show's success. Elsewhere on Twitter, @JanArrah is ready for The CW to deliver the goods, writing, "Shut up and take my money. I am down. This is going to be great fun. Can't wait to see what happens." DC superfan @ChuckieChk is a former skeptic whose mind was changed after seeing what the trailer had to offer. Even for those fans who disagree, some are still managing to be civil about it. A relatively polite Twitter exchange between @kleineganz and @Serettoxin about Collins being in the show is a prime example of the lost art of agreeing to disagree.