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You Might Not Have Noticed This Detail About The Dead Flies In Rick And Morty

The garage in "Rick and Morty" is a common setting for the insane hijinks that often take place on Adult Swim's animated comedy, but who knew it hid so many secrets? 

In Season 3, Episode 1 ("The Rickshank Rickdemption"), Rick (Justin Roiland) is taken prisoner by the Galactic Federation, and Summer (Spencer Grammer) desperately attempts to get him back. As she fumbles through the garage looking for something they might be able to use to help him, Summer becomes increasingly erratic, even rearranging the dead flies she finds in hopes that it will lead to some secret room or hidden compartment. Though she ultimately fails to access any secrets with her dead insect tactics, she eventually finds Rick's portal gun, and she and Morty set out to save their grandfather again. 

However, it isn't until the end of the episode that we find out the shocking truth behind the seemingly insignificant flies on "Rick and Morty."

Everything in Rick's garage hides a secret

After Rick is rescued in the Season 3 premiere of "Rick and Morty," he returns to the garage, where he lets Morty (Justin Roiland) know his secret motivations for being kidnapped and removing Jerry (Chris Parnell) as a threat to his plans. As it turns out, all of this has been a ploy to get McDonald's to bring back a discontinued flavor of chicken nugget dipping sauce. As absurd as it may sound, this plotline actually led to a real-life increase in demand for the popular dipping sauce, forcing McDonald's to temporarily return it to the menu (via Nerdist). Of course, in typical Rick fashion, he rather quickly ups the ante in the form of yet another humorous antic.

As Morty reels from the ridiculous reveal, he leaves Rick to his own devices; however, that's not the final surprise of the episode. Rick later returns to the same dead flies that Summer tried desperately to rearrange earlier and places them into a slightly different configuration, opening access up to a secret room. It turns out Summer's crazy idea wasn't so crazy after all. As the flies change color and align themselves automatically, the veneer of the garage disappears into the ground and a secret lab rises up in its place. 

What other secrets might be hiding in the garage on "Rick and Morty?" We're sure to find out in the upcoming fifth season.