You Probably Forgot About This Secret Gun Compartment In Rick And Morty

"Rick and Morty" wouldn't be the same without the brilliant inventing abilities of one Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland). Rick's technologies allow the central characters of the series to embark on all manner of wacky adventures. Every mad scientist needs a lair, and for Rick, it's the Smith family's garage. Although it appears to be nothing special, with just a workbench and a few shelves, the garage is Rick's sanctum. He keeps a lot of his tools, weapons, and machines stored there, many of which are cleverly hidden. Even items that appear random, like a bunch of dead flies on the counter, are used to hide Rick's inventions. 

Whenever Rick and Morty (also voiced by Roiland) have a problem, the garage is usually where they retreat to find the solution. The garage holds plenty of mysteries, like a room used to store erased memories and collars that can re-stabilize disrupted timelines. Rick has so many gadgets and gizmos lying around the garage at any given time that you might not remember the secret gun compartment he has hidden among the everyday objects.

The washing machine hides a secret armory

Rick and Morty have to discern friend from foe in a Season 2 episode titled "Total Rickall" (via IMDb). The narrative follows the Smith family as their home is invaded by telepathic alien parasites that plant themselves in people's memories so they can take over planets. Rick, Morty, Summer (Spencer Grammer), Beth (Sarah Chalke), and Jerry (Chris Parnell) are quickly overrun by a gaggle of zany characters that make themselves right at home. 

With a series of outlandish flashbacks, the newcomers multiply at an alarming rate before Rick notices that something is amiss. Rick and Morty wind up in the garage, where they realize that the parasites can only implant happy memories. In order to eliminate the infestation, Rick flicks a few buttons on the washing machine to reveal a hidden panel of weaponry. Considering the amount of trouble Rick gets himself into, it makes sense that he keeps a secret stash of munitions in his lab. It also makes you wonder what he has hidden behind the dryer.

The contents of Rick's gun compartment allow the Smiths to mercilessly eliminate fake friends like Sleepy Gary (Matt Walsh), a pencil with legs called Pencilvester (Tom Kenny), and a sentient refrigerator aptly named Mrs. Refrigerator (Kevin Michael Richardson). The installment is a favorite among many fans, so it's no wonder that "Total Rickall" is widely considered one of the best episodes of "Rick and Morty."