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Disney's Emmy Consideration Page Suggests A Major Hawkeye Announcement Is Coming

When Marvel Cinematic Universe series "Hawkeye" first began streaming on Disney+, it premiered with some noteworthy baggage. Some fans, for example, decided to boycott "Hawkeye" entirely after learning that artist David Aja wasn't paid for work that many viewers described as highly influential on the series' visuals. Though Aja did ultimately receive some financial compensation from "Hawkeye," the series also happened to debut with a viewership 40% smaller than that of "Loki," the MCU series to precede it on Disney+.

The prospect of a second season of "Hawkeye" was already a unclear as of the conclusion of the final episode of Season 1. Taking into account the fact that the series premiered to a significantly smaller audience than some of its MCU TV series brethren would seem to suggest that, at the very least, a new season of "Hawkeye" might be less likely than, say, a second season of "Loki."

That said, while there isn't yet any official news regarding its future, Disney's Emmy hopes for "Hawkeye" suggest that confirmation of its continuation may soon be forthcoming.

Disney's categorization of Hawkeye suggests a second season

In advance of the 2022 Emmy awards, Disney published an online list of awards categories for which some of its Disney+ originals might be in consideration on a website created entirely for this purpose. Its page for "Hawkeye," notably, describes it a comedy series.

This is noteworthy because, were Disney certain that "Hawkeye" would only last for a single season, it would most likely be listed as a limited series. "WandaVision" won three Emmy awards in limited series categories during the 2021 ceremony, so it stands to reason that Disney would want to replicate this strategy if possible for its fellow MCU shows. "Moon Knight," meanwhile, is considered a limited series, making the decision to list "Hawkeye" as a comedy seem all the more deliberate.

Previously, in April, Variety reported that, whereas "Loki" would compete in the drama category, Disney indeed considered "Hawkeye" a limited series. The fact that "Hawkeye" is now a comedy therefore appears to be a course correction, and evidence that, at minimum, Disney is open to producing new episodes. While not official, then, the prospect of a second season of "Hawkeye" is likelier than ever before.