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This Is Where Blue Miracle Was Actually Filmed

Netflix's "Blue Miracle" follows a struggling Mexican orphanage that is devastated by a tropical storm. It is then up to a caregiver and their kids to enter a fishing competition that promises a lucrative cash prize. The film was inspired by the incredible real-life story in 2014 that saw an orphanage located in Cabo San Lucas get ravaged by Hurricane Odile. The team was able to enter the Bisbee's Black and Blue Fishing Tournament. Normally, they would not have been able to enter given the high price of entry, but thanks to a relief fund created to help boost up the city's economy following the hurricane, they were able to get in. The team won over $250,000 after capturing a 385-pound blue marlin (via Cision). 

The inspiring story would get acquired by Netflix in 2021 (via Variety). Directed by Julio Quintana and starring Jimmy Gonzales, Anthony Gonzalez, and Dennis Quaid, the film was received warmly upon its release (via Rotten Tomatoes). One of the most praised aspects of the film is its lush locations. As critic Ann Hornaday said in her review for The Washington Post, "'Blue Miracle' is bathed in lovely shades of turquoise, aquamarine and cerulean ... Quintana possesses a sharp eye for color and pictorial beauty, even amid the least glamorous precincts of a city known for its spectacular hotels and influx of moneyed celebrities." So just where did Quintana and company set their sights for this voyage?

The film was mostly shot in the Dominican Republic

As the name implies, much of "Blue Miracle" takes place out on the ocean. Depicting the oceans and seaside town where the real-life events took place would be of utter importance. So where did this sea voyage land? Much of the film was shot within the Dominican Republic. More specifically, the film was shot within Santo Domingo, which is not only the capital of the Caribbean country but is its largest city as well. Acting as the Dominican Republic's chief seaport, Santo Domingo is a key center for the country's most bustling political, cultural, and commercial activities. 

For the filming of "Blue Miracle," the team landed in the seaside town of Mariana Casa de Campo. Located where the Chavón River meets the Caribbean Sea, Campo is primarily known as a popular yachting location. Cinematographer Santiago Benet Mari made the very best of the various locations. It's safe to say that the rich blues and beauty of the seaside towns were truly brought to life by their work. 

As mentioned previously, the movie was largely based on the true story of the real-life Casa Hogar orphanage located in Cabo San Lucas, and it was largely filmed between 2019 and 2020. While Casa Hogar received no financial compensation for the film, they hope that the film brings awareness to private social assistance programs within the country.