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Where Is The Cast Of The Thundermans Now?

"The Thundermans" leapt its way onto TV screens and into the hearts of young viewers when it debuted in 2013 on Nickelodeon, introducing audiences to a super-powered family trying to live normal lives in the fictional town of Hiddenville. For four seasons, parents Hank (Chris Tallman) and Barb (Rosa Blasi) tried to hide their abilities while their five children, including teenage twins Phoebe (Kira Kosarin) and Max (Jack Griffo), tweens Nora (Addison Riecke) and Billy (Diego Velazquez), and preschooler Chloe (Maya Le Clark), learned to control theirs. Battling comedic supervillains alongside everyday issues, the Thundermans struggled to seem like a normal family while leading a double life. 

Even though the show ended in 2018, most of the cast moved on to additional projects, appearing in other TV shows and movies. From "Reno 911!" to the award-winning film "The Beguiled," here's where you might have seen the cast of "The Thundermans" since the show's finale aired. 

Kira Kosarin

While "The Thundermans" fans know Kira Kosarin as Pheobe Thunderman, she's since shed her superhero outfit for a career in music, even as she continues to act in shows such as Hulu's "Light As a Feather." She played Nadia in the second season of the supernatural streaming series in 2019 and had a supporting role in the comedy film "Supercool" in 2021, but nowadays, she seems to be focused on promoting her musical talents. She released her first independent R&B album "Off Brand" in 2019. 

On March 15, 2022, Universal Music tweeted a welcome message, announcing that Kosarin had signed with Republic Records. In a series of Twitter questions and answers, she explained that the deal happened because a representative of Republic Records heard her song "First Love Never Lasts" on Spotify and reached out to her. "That song really changed my life," she tweeted. Following the announcement, she debuted her first major label single "Mood Ring," which she also wrote. 

Jack Griffo

Music seems to be a calling for the Thunderman twins. Similar to his on-screen sibling Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo has moved on from playing Max Thunderman by forging a career as a singer. 

Even before suiting up as a superhero, Griffo gained a taste of fame by posting cover songs to his YouTube channel, but now, he fronts the band Kid Baron, whose first single "Work It Somehow" released in April 2022. In a video on his YouTube channel, Griffo explained he was the one who came up with the name for the band, which has changed members, sounds, and names over the years. However, he hasn't given up acting completely. He played Dylan in "Alexa & Katie" in 2018, and in 2020, he played Ryan Phillippe's son in the action flick "The 2nd." 

According to IMDb, he's currently filming the horror film "Don't Log Off," which follows a group of friends trying to determine what happened to their friend who goes missing during a Zoom party. 

Addison Riecke

For two seasons, Nora was the youngest Thunderman sibling, but her actor, Addison Riecke, isn't a little girl anymore. She turned 18 in 2022 (via Twitter), and since the Nickelodeon show ended, she's kept busy with roles in other TV and film productions, including an award-winning film that featured some well-known Hollywood stars. 

In 2017, Riecke played Marie, one of the youngest girls living at a Southern all-girls school during the American Civil War in the movie "The Beguiled," starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Colin Farrell. She was also a scene stealer in the 2018 romantic comedy "Banana Split," playing the younger sister of a teenager who becomes best friends with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Next up, she can be seen in the thriller "The Man in the White Van" alongside Sean Astin and Ali Larter. 

Riecke is also active on Instagram, where she frequently posts images of herself modeling clothes or hanging out with her co-stars.

Diego Velazquez

Billy Thunderman might have been the fastest in his family of superheroes, but his portrayer, Diego Velazquez, seems to have slowed down since leaving the family-friendly series. He moved on with a role in the web series "Zoe Valentine," playing magic enthusiast Brody Clemens, who was the best friend of the title character. That show lasted two seasons in 2019. Since then, his IMDb profile only has two other acting credits, including the short film "Astrokid" and the upcoming feature "Hail the Squash," which follows a young man who enters a beauty pageant to win the attention of his high school crush. 

The young actor seems to have remained friends with his "The Thunderman" co-stars. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Noah Centineo of Netflix's "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" says he met Velazquez on the set of "The Thundermans" in 2013 while visiting his best friend, Jack Griffo, and the two are now as close as brothers. In fact, they celebrated Velazquez's 18th birthday together in 2019.

Chris Tallman

As the patriarch of the Thunderman family, Hank missed being a beloved superhero and would often sneak and use his powers of flying and superstrength — usually with often comedic results. That's why actor and comedian Chris Tallman was perfect for the role. While he's appeared in countless TV shows throughout his career — including "House, M.D.," "Parks and Recreation," and "How I Met Your Mother" — he's best known outside of "The Thundermans" for his oddball parts in Comedy Central programs, such as "Crossballs." 

Most memorably, he's played a variety of roles in "Reno 911!" over the years, including Gary the Klansman and a so-called alligator expert who meets a humorous end. Most recently, he played a detective and reunited with his on-screen son, Jack Griffo, in the 2021 action-comedy film "Overrun." He is also a regular contributor to podcasts, including Nerd Poker Podcast and Dead Pilots Society, according to his Twitter account.

Rosa Blasi

Before she suited up as a superhero mom in "The Thundermans," actor Rosa Blasi won fans by playing Dr. Luisa Delgado in the Lifetime medical drama "Strong Medicine" and as author of the book "Jock Itch: Misadventures of a Retired Jersey Chaser." After her Nickelodeon hit series ended, she appeared in the Netflix series "Team Kaylie," playing a famous and privileged teen reality star's mother for three seasons. She also appeared on an episode of the Disney series "Coop and Cami Ask the World." 

However, her focus has turned away from acting in recent years. In 2021, she posted a photo on her Instagram page with the caption, "I'm officially a Licensed MFT!" While her acting profile on IMDb hasn't had any new entries since 2020, it seems Blasi is now following her dream of being a licensed marriage and family therapist. 

In her post, she wrote, "I want to remind everyone that we are all capable of overcoming obstacles. We just have to believe in ourselves that we can. What's next?"

Maya Le Clark

The youngest Thunderman was Chloe, introduced to the show during its second season finale, when Barb became pregnant and gave birth all within the same episode. The youngest superhero underwent numerous growth spurts, eventually settling as an adorable four-year-old played by Maya Le Clark. 

Now 11, she's still modeling and acting, having most recently appeared in a bigger superhero project — 2021's "The Suicide Squad." In the James Gunn-directed DC film, she played a young version of Cleo, also known as Ratcatcher II, in a few flashback scenes that allowed her to act alongside "Thor: Ragnarok" director Taiki Waititi, who played her father, the original Ratcatcher. Proving she's not done with the superhero life, she also recently filmed a series of Nick Shorts videos with her "The Thundermans" co-stars, which air across Nickelodeon's networks and PlutoTV. Anyone who wants to keep up with Maya can do so now in her channel on Zigazoo, a social network and NFT education platform for kids.  She's also active on Instagram, where she shares photos from her modeling gigs as well as her pets and sports activities.