The Real Reason That '70s Show Makes Fans Feel So Nostalgic

With the making of "That '90s Show" filling up headlines and social media posts across the internet, it isn't any shock that anxious fans of the upcoming series' predecessor, "That '70s Show," are binging old episodes. "That '70s Show" started in 1998 and provided a heaping helping of 1970s nostalgia for those that experienced that particular decade. However, even for those that didn't experience the '70s, the show doesn't miss a beat.

With the show having been perfectly cast with names like Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Kurtwood Smith, and Debra Jo Rupp, the jokes and funny family situations never stop. The series ran for eight seasons before ending in 2006, but even years after coming to a halt, fans can't seem to let it go. While many sitcoms don't provide the same amount of joy and entertainment after production has ended, "That 70's Show" still has a hold on viewers and the reason is pretty heartwarming.

That '70s Show is a comfort series for many

Some sitcoms make a lasting home in the hearts of viewers, and "That '70s Show" is absolutely one of them. Many fans watched the show at a young age and have fond memories of evenings filled with the jokes and laughter that took place in Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) basement. In a Reddit thread, a community fond of "That '70s Show" bonded over why it is they love it so much. As it turns out, it's a great comfort show.

u/Pece17 brought up the warm and fuzzy feelings by writing, "There's something about this show that made me feel so cozy inside – I want to live in Point Place too!" To which plenty of users quickly agreed. The show appears to bring out a sense of nostalgia, especially for those that watched it during their school years. u/Nak_Tripper pointed out that it brings them back to a different time in their lives. "I love it because it reminds me of when I was in high school with all my friends. Hanging out and doing nothing and having fun doing it...."

The show mainly follows high-school-aged teens dealing with typical high-school events and issues. Being set in a small Wisconsin town with not much to do makes the show even more relatable for bored teens who might be watching. Even now, "That '70s Show" continues to gather new fans, as one Twitter user wrote, "started watching "that 70s show," & i think i love it already." However, there seems to be a deeper reasoning as to why so many fans relate to the show so heavily.

That '70s Show depicts teens being actual teens

"That '70s Show" was a collective relatable experience for many, but it wasn't just relatable for one generation. In fact, many of those who found solace in the characters and storylines weren't even children of the '70s. So what makes the show hit home for multiple generations worth of viewers? An article written by Nihal Bambulkar and published in Arre takes a deeper look at the popularity of the show.

Bambulkar brings to light that the show was a realistic depiction of what many experienced as a teenage lifestyle, regardless of which era they grew up in. "It didn't just focus on sanitized teenage experiences. Like Eric's gang in "That '70s Show," even we've thrown parties while almost burning the house down and hidden our 'stash' hoping that our parents wouldn't find it." 

The teenage years that were depicted in "That '70s Show" aren't limited to the 1970s. Even with the addition of computers, smartphones, and TikTok dances, the life of a teenager is almost a universal experience. The gang in the show is a friend group that audiences want to be a part of, as put so well by @Runftv on Twitter, who wrote, "does anyone wanna club together and make our own that 70s show inspired friendship group." We all do. By not sugar-coating it for the sake of sitcom television, "That '70s Show" offers comfort viewing for many people, and is a series that stands the test of time.