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Chris Pratt Admits To Swiping A Ton Of Jurassic World Props

The upcoming sixth installment in the "Jurassic Park" franchise – "Jurassic World: Dominion" — marks the end of an era for Steven Spielberg's dino-fueled film saga, with it reportedly being the final movie. Or at least that's what they've been telling Chris Pratt. 

"You know you go to like a fireworks display, like 4th of July or New Years and there's always the finale, you're like waiting for it and then BOOM you're like, 'Oh, this is it! This is the finale!' I feel like the whole movie is that," Pratt explained during a May 5 appearance on The Today Show. "It's like 30 years in the making, this is the sixth 'Jurassic' film and it's the end of this franchise."

For the former "Parks and Recreation" funnyman, being part of such a legendary film franchise like "Jurassic Park" was something he and his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard both knew would be life-altering from the moment they were cast in the first "Jurassic World" back in 2015. "We're both kind of, every once in a while, taking a moment to look at each other and very lightly under our breath be like, 'What are we doing here?! This is crazy,'" Pratt said in a 2015 on-set interview (via Jurassic Park Fansite). "We kind of feel like we snuck into the party."

And like any good party crasher, Pratt apparently refused to leave the set of "Jurassic World" empty-handed — with him recalling his secret haul in a Facebook post on Monday, May 23.

Pratt took more than half a dozen items from the Jurassic World set

According to Chris Pratt, he had some serious sticky fingers while shooting the first "Jurassic World" movie. Basically, no item or piece of memorabilia was safe from being swiped once his character, Owen Grady, got done using them — not even his Raptor training clicker

"I took the raptor training clicker, my knife, my boots, the pants, the vest, my Isla Nublar ID, and a raptor tooth," Pratt boasted in a Facebook post. The topic came up in a video that the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star posted on his FB page, in which he asked two of his "Jurassic World: Dominion" castmates — Sam Neill and Laura Dern — if they had taken any items from the set of the original "Jurassic Park" once shooting wrapped. "I liked the boots," Neill explained in the clip. "They were comfortable... and I found them the other day. I kicked dinosaurs with those things." 

When Colin Trevorrow's "Jurassic World: Dominion" hits theaters on June 9, it'll be almost 29 years to the day after Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" was rolled out, with the official release date being June 11, 1993.