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Pete Davidson's Goodbye Message On SNL Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Like Tina Fey, Mike Meyers, and many others before him, Pete Davidson has grown in recent years from mere "Saturday Night Live" cast member into a bona fide Hollywood success story. Currently, Davidson is slated to star in a biopic about the iconic punk singer Joey Ramone and a Peacock-original TV series based loosely on his own life titled "Bupkis," among a number of other upcoming films (via IMDb).

Davidson began hinting that he might be planning on leaving "SNL" as early as February 2020, when he revealed in a video interview that the way his personal life was sometimes mined for humor began weighing on him emotionally. He even mentioned asking Adam Sandler for advice about the best time to leave his "SNL" gig at some point prior to the interview.

Now, just a little over two years later, Davidson officially announced that he's leaving "SNL" as of the conclusion of its 47th season. Davidson confirmed his exit on the season finale, during which he appeared on Weekend Update to reminisce about his career before ultimately announcing his retirement. Responses to this announcement were largely supportive, with numerous fans taking the opportunity to praise his time as an "SNL" cast member.

SNL fans will miss Pete Davidson

In the comments section below a video shared to the "Saturday Night Live" YouTube channel of the Weekend Update segment in which Pete Davidson announces his departure, many fans of the show posted thoughts on Davidson's tenure. For the most part, these were glowingly positive.

User C Ellis, for example, wrote, "Gonna miss Pete. He's like America's little brother to me. Kudos to Lorne for giving us the chance to love Pete unconditionally." This received more than 3,000 likes. A user with the name J L similarly commented, "Pete is definitely going to be missed!" before praising Davidson's style of humor and wishing him the best.

In response to a Tweet containing the same video, user @littlelordpmd posted a compilation of clips of Davidson laughing set to somber piano music with the caption "we'll miss him so much!!!" and received more than 150 likes. User @leonardtrekkie, meanwhile, shared an image memorializing Pete as a cast member with the caption "Will miss you," followed by three crying face emojis.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is even among the numerous fans bidding Davidson farewell, sharing photos to her personal Instagram account of herself alongside Davidson and the also-departing Kate McKinnon, with the caption "Can't wait to see all you do next." Fortunately for these and other Davidson fans, his sizable slate of upcoming projects means that it won't be long before he's back in the public eye to officially kick off his post "SNL" career.