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What Wendell Bray From Bones Has Been Doing Since The Show Ended

The cast of "Bones" has been plenty busy since the show ended in 2017 after a whopping 246 episodes across 12 seasons. David Boreanaz leads the CBS drama "SEAL Team" today, and Emily Deschanel has appeared in everything from "Animal Kingdom" to "The Rookie." Even the supporting cast has been busy since the popular show ended, no doubt partly thanks to being part of a franchise still binged and discussed by fans today. John Francis Daley, for instance, went on to co-write "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and he's part of the directing team behind the upcoming "Dungeons & Dragons" adaptation.

Michael Grant Terry was introduced as Wendell Bray in Season 4 of "Bones" and ended up appearing in 42 episodes, all the way until the show's last season. Bray was not a main character, but one of a number of interns and admirers of Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan (Emily Deschanel), and despite being a minor character, Bray made an impression with his passion for his work. Some may be wondering what Terry is up to today after popping up on "Bones" so many times. His career has taken a rather interesting trajectory since the show's end in 2017, with the thespian going beyond the world of acting and finding himself part of another successful — albeit very different — franchise. 

Michael Grant Terry has become a podcast producer

If it seems like Terry hasn't been racking up acting gigs since "Bones" ended, it's because he's been a little busy helping to build a massive podcast.

Terry's most significant work since "Bones" has been producing the "SmartLess" podcast, hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. Everyone from Jon Hamm to Adam Sandler has appeared on the podcast since it debuted in 2020. Terry is doing something right as the show's executive producer as the podcast has expanded beyond just celebrity interviews. Discovery+ has already ordered two specials from the show based on a U.S. tour the hosts took (per Deadline). 

The specials are expected to debut sometime this year. One of the unique aspects to the show, beyond the three famous hosts, is that one host will reveal to the other two every episode who a mystery guest is. The framing has worked because on top of the Discovery deal, the podcast was picked up by Amazon in 2021 for approximately $80 million (per Bloomberg). On top of its financial success, "SmartLess" has also earned critical praise, even winning best comedy podcast at the 2022 iHeart Radio Podcast Awards (via The Hollywood Reporter).

He appeared in a Lifetime Christmas movie

Terry has been busy producing the "SmartLess" podcast, but he has still been keeping active in the acting world too. He had a supporting role in the Lifetime Christmas movie "Mistletoe Montana" in 2021, led by Lifetime regular and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" actress Melissa Joan Hart. A Christmas movie on Lifetime may not seem like significant work to some, but networks like Hallmark and Lifetime find huge success with their original works, especially those taking advantage of the yuletide holiday. 

Terry played the character Freddy James in the story of Merry (Hart) who begins falling for single father Duane Henry (Mark Aguilar) as he and his kids book her ranch for a weekend. The movie has all the Christmas and love themes one would expect from a Lifetime movie, but it's actually inspired by real events. Hart explained while promoting the movie that the story is that of her cousin, though genders were swapped for the movie. In real life, her cousin went to ranch run by a man she ended up falling for a marrying (via TV Insider). 

The love story was certainly a change of pace from "Bones" for Terry, and it stands as Terry's most recent acting credit. 

He's been spending some time in Roswell, New Mexico

Terry's most consistent acting work since "Bones" has been on The CW's "Roswell, New Mexico." The role was also a big departure from his work on Bones. Appearing in Season 3 of "Roswell, New Mexico," Terry played Jordan Bernhardt, the racist and privileged son of Roswell's mayor. Terry appeared in three episodes in 2021. 

It was recently announced the upcoming fourth season of "Roswell, New Mexico" will be its last, but it has become a key part of a massive franchise that has been around for decades. The CW series is the second adaptation of the "Roswell High" novels by Melissa Metz, which were previously adapted into the series "Roswell," which ran for three seasons, ending in 2002. 

"Excited to join this awesome cast & crew. I play a reaaaaally nice guy," Terry jokingly wrote on his Instagram page when announcing he was joining the series as a recurring character. Terry is not part of the main cast, but as he proved with "Bones" and his work since, Terry can do a lot with very little. The difference now is he's putting in that work while also moonlighting as one of the podcasting world's top producers.