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Does The Cast Of Yellowstone Really Do Their Own Stunts?

In the grand scheme of the television landscape, Paramount Network's "Yellowstone" really hasn't been around all that long. Still, when you account for just how much narrative terrain has been covered in just a few seasons, the characters have arguably seen way more action than those in shows that have been around a lot longer.

Indeed, the hits just keep on coming for John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his faithful faction as shaky alliances keep shifting, and various high-powered entities plot to take the coveted ranching lands the Duttons have called home for more than a century. And every step of the way, series mastermind Taylor Sheridan has continued to put his all-star ensemble through both the physical and emotional wringer. As for the emotional side of things, there's enough romance and family drama at play in the "Yellowstone" narrative to exhaust the characters in your average soap opera. 

The physical side of the series is a whole other story, of course, as the rough-and-tumble cowboy lifestyle is at the heart of the "Yellowstone" story. Given all the riding, wrangling, and fighting that plays into the narrative of "Yellowstone," one might rightfully assume the series employs a fair amount of stunt doubles and clever cutting to make the action happen. While that may be true for some stunts, the cast of "Yellowstone" does get the opportunity to get down and dirty themselves. 

Yes, the Yellowstone cast saddles up for stunt work

There are undoubtedly a lot of things the "Yellowstone" cast can't, won't, and simply aren't allowed to do on set, but some of the series' cast members have stepped up to do their own stunts. Such work naturally includes horseback riding, which has been a requirement for most since the series' pilot episode. It has been widely documented that many "Yellowstone" regulars attended "Cowboy Camp" before they saddled up for action (per Wide Open Country). And yes, some of those camp alums have put their equestrian skills to work on set.

That includes Luke Grimes, who plays the youngest Dutton sibling Kayce on the series. During a 2021 interview on the official "Yellowstone" podcast, Grimes even detailed his favorite stunt from the series so far, stating, "To this day, my favorite moment was ... where I kind of go wrangle up these mustangs. I have to chase this group of mustangs, kind of herd them up and chase them through this huge pasture." According to Grimes, his stunt double actually performed the stunt once, but then Taylor Sheridan asked if he wanted to try it himself. Grimes explained, "I was scared to death, but of course, I wanted to try it. And to this day, the greatest day I've ever had on a set."

As evinced in a behind-the-scenes video posted to the series' YouTube page, several other cast members have similarly thrilling tales of roping, riding, and fighting from the set of "Yellowstone." And they'll likely have a lot more to brag about before the series ends.