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Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date, Plot, And Cast - What We Know So Far

Justin Roiland may be most well-known for making "Rick and Morty," but that doesn't mean his other projects should be ignored. Indeed, even though it may not have inspired McDonald's to resurrect a long-dead dipping sauce or spawned an endless stream of pickle-themed memes, "Solar Opposites" has found its own level of success on Hulu. The animated comedy series wrapped up its second season in March of 2021, but even then it was apparent that Roiland and his team weren't finished with the series quite yet. Fortunately, Hulu has officially confirmed that "Solar Opposites" will be making a grand return sometime in the near future.

While the streaming service hasn't revealed much about the plot and cast of "Solar Opposites" Season 3, the show's official Twitter page has let slip its eventual return date. In other words, while "Solar Opposites" Season 3 still remains heavily shrouded in mystery, fans can rest assured knowing that it will premiere sooner than they might think. Until then, all there is to do is look back at "Solar Opposites" Season 2 for hints at what might go down in the show's upcoming episodes.

Without further adieu, here is what we know so far about "Solar Opposites" Season 3.

Updated July 6, 2022: This article has been updated with new information.

What will Solar Opposites Season 3 be released?

Fans probably guessed that "Solar Opposites" would get a third season by the time its second came to a close. Korvo (Justin Roiland) practically says as much when he and the show's other central characters all turn into trees in the "Solar Opposites" Season 2 finale. At the end of the day, however, nothing about the show is truly confirmed until Hulu makes an official announcement about its future. Luckily, that day did eventually come.

On May 16, the "Solar Opposites" Twitter page posted a short video finally confirming and providing a premiere date for the series' highly anticipated third season. According to the video, which just shows the now-blue Pupa (Sagan McMahan) looking around suspiciously in front of The Wall, "Solar Opposites" Season 3 will premiere on Hulu on Wednesday, July 13. In case that wasn't exciting enough, Hulu has confirmed that the show's entire third season will premiere on July 13, which means fans won't have to wait several weeks to see the full scope of "Solar Opposites" Season 3's story.

Additionally, fans will be getting even more of what they love this time around. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 3 of "Solar Opposites" will be comprised of 12 episodes — making it four installments longer than the show's first two seasons, both of which ran for just eight episodes.

What is the plot of Solar Opposites Season 3?

As of this writing, the only thing that Hulu has confirmed about the plot of "Solar Opposites" Season 3 is that it will follow the show's aliens as they try "to be less of a team and more of a family team" (via Collider). While that doesn't reveal much about "Solar Opposites" Season 3, it does suggest that the show's upcoming episodes will focus heavily on its central characters as they attempt to strengthen their existing bonds with each other.

Fortunately, Season 2 of "Solar Opposites" does also leave fans with some pretty interesting developments related to their favorite Schlorpian family. Indeed, in the show's Season 2 finale, viewers are finally shown the beginning stages of the Pupa's terraformation process, and the episode ultimately reveals that Schlorpians come back as trees whenever they kick the bucket. However, by the time of the "Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special," the Schlorpians have returned to their regular forms.

Taking that into account, while the Pupa may now be one step closer to terraforming the Earth into a new Planet Schlorp, Season 3 of "Solar Opposites" should still give the show's lead characters plenty of time to embark on more wacky adventures. Additionally, the season should also allow more time for the denizens of The Wall to further engage in their own bitter rivalries. In specific, fans will no doubt tune in to "Solar Opposites" Season 3 in the hopes that it will continue to explore Cherie (Christina Hendricks) and Halk's (Sterling K. Brown) secret plan to overthrow Tim (Andy Daly).

Who is starring in Solar Opposites Season 3?

Fans can expect to see many of the core cast members of "Solar Opposites" return in its third season. As a matter of fact, given that the Schlorpians are still alive and well, viewers likely don't have to worry about any of them going anywhere or being absent from the show's upcoming season. Consequently, one can expect to see Korvo (Justin Roiland), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), and Jessie (Mary Mack) all return in "Solar Opposites" Season 3. 

Much the same can also be said for characters on The Wall. After all, Tim (Andy Daly), Cherie (Christina Hendricks), and Halk (Sterling K. Brown) are all still alive and at the center of the growing drama on The Wall, which means there's no reason to believe they won't appear in some capacity in "Solar Opposites" Season 3. 

That said, every season of "Solar Opposites" has thus far introduced new faces to The Wall as a result of Giambrone's Yumyulack continuing to shrink unlucky humans on a whim. With that in mind, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see the show's Wall ensemble continue to grow throughout "Solar Opposites" Season 3.

Is there a trailer for Solar Opposites Season 3?

Hulu released a full-length trailer for "Solar Opposites" Season 3 in late June. The trailer, which runs just a little over 2 minutes long, doesn't offer many specific plot details about the show's new season so much as it teases many of the ridiculous moments that "Solar Opposites" fans can look forward to seeing play out when the series returns. 

For instance, at one point in the trailer, Terry (Thomas Middleditch) proudly exclaims in a fun bit of meta-humor that the show's characters are going to an amusement park named "HuluLand." Meanwhile, another one of the trailer's scenes shows Terry, Korvo (Justin Roiland), and the rest of their crew joining together to perform a TikTok-inspired dance.

In other words, while fans will have to wait until the July 13 premiere of "Solar Opposites" Season 3 to find out the specifics of the wacky adventures that lie in store in the show's upcoming episodes, this brief trailer makes it undeniably clear that things are only going to get even sillier and weirder moving forward. Depending on how you feel about the first two seasons of "Solar Opposites," that'll either come as very good or very bad news. 

Either way, it's clear that "Solar Opposites" still knows exactly what kinds of stories it wants to tell.