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Pauly Shore Just Teased A Sequel To One Of His Most Beloved Flops

Pauly Shore is one of those iconic actors that helped solidify the 1990s as a zany time of ridiculous language, pop culture references, and absolutely nonchalant and flippant attitudes toward authority figures. Shore's characters were often motivated to find some munchies in which to grind upon (which means "eat" to those not blessed by the 1990s), and some of his many roles saw him recruited into the army, driving country folks bonkers, and even hanging out with a recently thawed caveman. 

Shore's general demeanor and incredibly distinct pattern of speech made him a pretty prolific fixture of those olden days, and he has continued to work in minor roles, cameos, television series, and just recently returned to a major film role in 2020's "Guest House" (via IMDb). In a 2011 interview with River Front Times, Shore said of his then day-to-day schedule, "About ten years ago, I hit this place where you're not popular anymore. Then you have to take the bull by the horns. There's victims and leaders. Leaders take charge of their life. I was dead as far as the industry went."

However, it looks like Shore has just teased a sequel to one of his other iconic movies from the '90s — but what could it be? Will we be seeing a "Son-In-Law 2," or might Shore and Andy Dick be promoted to Generals in "In The Army Now 2?" Turns out, the upcoming sequel will be yet another romp through a self-contained ecosystem that is ill-prepared for the likes of Shore.

Shore posted a movie poster for Bio-Dome 2 on Facebook

Taking to Facebook, Pauly Shore posted an image of a space capsule in orbit that features two familiar faces and wrote, "Hello world. It seems all your love requesting #biodome2 seriously could be actually happening. It looks like Bud and Doyle could be going to Mars. Are you as excited as me and Stephen are? Tell Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to grab some popcorn and some soda and we'll see them at the premiere sometime in 2023. Boom. We're off. Purple sticky punge dooooodzz." 

The original "Bio-Dome" was released in 1996 and starred Shore, Baldwin, Kylie Minogue, Kevin West, Denise Dowse, William Atherton, Henry Gibson, Teresa Hill, and Joey Lauren Adams (via IMDb). The plot of the movie involved two hapless stoners wandering inside a science experiment that is attempting to see if humanity can live in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, Bud and Doyle drive the scientists crazy and eventually destroy the precious ecosystem by throwing an insane party that breaches the self-contained nature of the Bio-Dome. Feeling bad for their actions, Bud and Doyle are able to help the Bio-Dome recover, and the movie culminates in a mad dash to stop a series of explosive coconuts (don't ask).

Whether or not "Bio-Dome 2" will feature weaponized fruit is up in the air, but it is probably safe to assume that Mars might have some trouble adapting to Bud and Doyle's shenanigans.