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The Classic Sal Move That Impractical Jokers Fans Can't Help But Love

Over the course of nine seasons of four friends punishing each other and trying to one up one another in the embarrassment department, fans have gotten to know the "Impractical Jokers" cast pretty well. Sal Vulcano, Brian 'Q' Quinn, James Murray, and Joe Gatto, who left the series in late 2021— all have their own unique quirks and personality traits, which is like anyone really, but you notice more than a few things about people when watching them do things like discover what unwanted tattoo their friend decided to put on their body or sneaking hot dogs into people's pockets. 

On top of the main series, the Jokers have become so popular with their fans, they've also produced a movie and multiple spinoff shows, including "Impractical Jokers: After Party" and "Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party." 

After the massive amount of material the show has produced, there are some noticeable moves made by the lifelong friends from New York, all of whom also make up the touring comedy group The Tenderloins, that have become classic staples to the franchise. There is one particular action by Vulcano that has become almost a necessity to the show because it happens so often. While it may seem ridiculous at first, fans can't help but express their love for it. 

Sal has a tendency to fall every now and again

You don't need to watch many episodes of "Impractical Jokers" to pick up on the fact that Sal Vulcano has an unnamed condition where he gets sea legs if he laughs too hard. In other words: Vulcano's friends make him laugh so hard, he will literally fall over laughing. Everybody deserves friends like that.

In a Reddit discussion among fans in a r/ImpracticalJokers thread, Sal's spaghetti legs were discussed, and it was just about nothing but love for the comedian, which is quite a feat to accomplish on any corner of the interwebs. 

Reacting to an image of Sal falling and knocking chairs over, u/Treythetrey shared a clip from the show of Vulcano reaching the point where Q and Murr have to hold him as he braces for Gatto, acting as a secretary, to call out the name "Uncle Boobs." He loses it, and fans love it, with over 100 liking the post. 

In another Reddit thread, u/CraigTMG went through the first eight seasons of "Impractical Jokers" and posted a gargantuan list of the times Vulcano has fallen laughing. A shorter video compilation (above) was posted by TruTV in 2013 to YouTube, with numerous fans commenting and declaring Vulcano their favorite Joker and citing his falls as one of their favorite parts of the show. 

"It's not Impractical Jokers if Sal doesn't fall down laughing," user My Name Is Sarah commented. 

Sal says it's not a normal thing

According to Sal Vulcano himself, falling down laughing isn't as common for him as people may think. On the show, however, it's happened so often that fans will ask Vulcano and others about it. In a 2016 fan Q & A, Vulcano was asked if he fell down laughing even when he was a kid. Vulcano says he didn't, and had maybe fallen down laughing a couple times before, a number clearly added to big time through the show. 

"It's not a normal occurence," he said. "I don't do it all the time. It rarely happens. Something about the show, the stakes of the show, the odd situations that we're in. It brings it out in the show, especially something about Joe Gatto."

Gatto has a track record for being willing to push himself a tad further than the others in the embarrassment department, and it's sad the founding member isn't around now. But the show has found a clever way to replace him, using guest stars including comedians Eric André, Rob Riggle, and David Cross, as well as wrestler Chris Jericho (per TV Insider). Considering that lineup and Vulcano's penchant for letting the giggles get the best of him, it's a safe bet that even with Gatto not around, there'll be plenty of falling to come.