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HBO Max Just Killed A Major DC Project

While the approach of Warner Bros. to adapting DC Comics properties has thus far seemed more scattershot than that of Disney's laser-focused Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Warner nevertheless has numerous DC movies planned in its future, including "Black Adam," "Blue Beetle," and plenty more.

The Hollywood Reporter first announced that a live-action adaptation of the DC superhero cartoon and comic book series "The Wonder Twins" was in the works for the Warner-owned HBO Max back in February of 2022. Then, in April, news that young stars KJ Apa and Isabel May would portray its titular characters became public, suggesting that its production was steadily progressing as recently as one month ago.

Unfortunately for fans of the superhero duo and those involved in the production of "The Wonder Twins" alike, the project is now canceled. This news comes on the heels of a major behind-the-scenes shake-up at the newly-christened Warner Bros. Discovery, following a merger between the Warner Bros. and Discovery brands.

New Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav canceled The Wonder Twins

On May 1, just weeks after the "Wonder Twins" casting news dropped, pop culture blog That Hashtag Show reported that it had exclusively learned that the film's production was halted. This claim has since been substantiated by a May 18 Wall Street Journal profile of David Zaslav, the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

According to the article, Zaslav began implementing major changes to Warner Bros. Discovery's production slate just days into his role as the new company's head. These changes include a reigning-in of HBO Max original films, which he determined to be less profitable than theatrical releases added to the streaming service's catalog. Furthermore, "The Wonder Twins" was allocated a budget of more than $75 million, which he deemed excessive and unworthy of its streaming service exclusivity, hence the project's cancellation.

Though "The Wonder Twins" is no more, this appears to be the only DC project significantly affected thus far by the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger.