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The Supe With The Coolest Name In The Boys According To Fans

With two seasons of foul-mouthed, legitimately shocking superpowered shenanigans under its belt (and more head-popping action on the way), Amazon Studios' "The Boys" continues to be the anti-Marvel Cinematic Universe delight superhero fans never knew they needed. The series is, of course, based on a comic book series from Garth Ennis that's specifically geared toward subverting anything and everything fans of superheroes have ever believed about them. It's done by essentially flipping the script on some of the genre's best-known heroes (e.g., Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash) via alternate versions who don't always have their eyes set on saving humanity.

In fact, some of them are downright evil despite their heroic public personas. As one might expect, debates have raged about the best, worst, and coolest Supe on "The Boys" since the series' first season dropped. But yet another debate has been burning in the land of Reddit of late. This one finds fans of the series clashing over which of the Supes on the show has the coolest name. And the answer might surprise you.

Black Noir has the coolest name on The Boys according to a recent fan poll

Fans of "The Boys" indeed put their opinions on the coolest Supe name to a vote in a recent poll on Reddit. Approximately 1,500 fans took part in the online proceedings, and in the end, 636 of them cast their vote for the eventual winner, the masked, nonvocal member of the Seven known only as Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell). The second-place vote-getter was Love Sausage (Andrew Jackson), who netted 523 votes, and the viler-than-vile Stormfront (Aya Cash) placed third with 333.

Though the actual vote skewed in favor of Black Noir as having the coolest Supe name on "The Boys," you'd never know it by the comments section. In fact, most of the comments support the runner-up, Love Sausage, despite the fact that the character has appeared in only one episode. That appearance was something else, however, with Love Sausage and his, ahem, powerful member making a rather infamous debut late in the series' second season.

That didn't stop fans like u/MV_Knight from adoring the character's cheeky name, with the user stating bluntly, "If you didn't vote for love sausage you are wrong." Redditor u/GaryKing1413 was one of many fans who agreed, justifying, "I gave my vote to Love Sausage. Stormfront is a term used by weather reporters in the news and Black Noir is Black Black. I do think both names are cool but how often do you hear Love Sausage?"

The actor behind Black Noir also has the coolest idea for a spin-off series

Despite the lack of mentions, it's hard to argue that Black Noir is not the coolest name the "Boys" creators have conjured to date. And we'd lay solid odds that the ninja-styled Supe would probably win a vote ranking the coolest superpowered characters on the show as well. That's largely because not only is the enigmatic ass-kicker a near-indestructible badass who can take on anybody not wielding an Almond Joy with just his blades and his fists, but he's also one of the quirkier Supes "The Boys" has featured to date.

That last fact has Nathan Mitchell pondering what would potentially be the coolest spin-off imaginable. Mitchell detailed his idea for a Black Noir spin-off in an interview with GamesRadar+ in October 2020, offering, "A funny thing or a cool thing to play with Noir is to have him live his life where he handles his business as a Supe but then struggles through daily life, these simple, mundane things."

Mitchell explained that he'd want the show to be a slapstick comedy in the vein of Rowan Atkinson's iconic kookster Mr. Bean. "Kind of like a Mr. Bean in some ways where he's always fumbling or screwing up and having these misadventures ... That would be really fun." If you know the character's persona, you know that concept is positively diabolical. And now all we can think about is Black Noir struggling to exit a parking garage in a Mini Cooper en route to a deadly mission.