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The Genius Reason Antony Starr Declined Cow-Milking Lessons For The Boys Season 3

Ever since actor Antony Starr realized he didn't know how to act in front of the camera during his first major role on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (via GQ), he's always been prepared for the serious commitment performing requires. He told Men's Journal, "I have always felt like staying in shape is crucial regardless of the role, especially when you're filming at weird hours for long days."

This proved to be helpful when he was cast to join the brutal Cinemax action drama "Banshee," on which the actor had to put hours of physical effort into fight scenes and stunt work. He commented later of the series that he "got used to leaving set with aches and pains."

As the superhuman, psychopathic Homelander on "The Boys," Starr still stays fit so he can match the character's strong physique and look the part in that tight costume. He's also had to do some surprising things on camera in the malevolent role — like deserting a crowded airplane before it crashes, and even kissing a version of himself. The point is: No one would ever accuse the guy of lacking work ethic. For Starr, the craft is all about proper preparation — except when it comes to farm work.

Starr figured Homelander had never milked a cow before

In the most recent trailer for Season 3 of "The Boys," Homelander — evidently in the midst of a nervous breakdown — is shown milking a cow and looking visibly disgusted by the whole process.

During a Vanity Fair video in which the cast breaks down the new trailer, the actors laugh at the clip. Karen Fukahara comments, "I wanna know about the cow!" Starr then confirms that there was an actual animal on the set, and that the production team had wanted him to take a cow-milking lesson beforehand. Starr declined this invitation to preparation — not only because it was his day off, but because he figured the sheltered Homelander would have no idea how to do it either, and he was striving for authenticity.

"I wanted it to be fresh on the day, because Homelander doesn't know how to milk a cow, let's go through it, which is all just me being lazy, not wanting to do a rehearsal," he joked. Like Homelander, Starr apparently took no joy in the process, and even uses some pretty evocative language to describe his brief experience at the teet.