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The Witty Chicago P.D. Character Fans Think Is Criminally Underrated

"Chicago P.D.," the adrenaline-fueled police procedural entry in the "One Chicago" slate of shows on NBC, features a cast packed with dynamic, engaging characters playing central roles in multi-season story arcs. In this regard, the series has been singled out by The Philadelphia Inquirer for "... great characters and heart-tugging stories," and cited by The New York Times as having "... strong female characters who are good at their jobs and taken seriously by their colleagues – and the writers."

It must also be said, however, that in addition to its major stars and their ongoing storylines, this "One Chicago" hit also boasts a deep bench of secondary and even tertiary players whose individual personalities and memorable quirks are vital to creating the rich tapestry of personas and relationships that turn a show from being merely watchable into one that engages viewers on a profoundly relatable level. In this regard, there's one particularly witty, second-tier "Chicago P.D." officer who fans think has clearly been overlooked as a key figure who deserves more narrative focus going forward.

Fans think Chicago P.D. Sergeant Trudy Platt is sorely underrated

As the 21st District's sarcastic, unflappable Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, veteran actor Amy Morton creates a brilliantly drawn personality that some fans feel has been seriously overlooked. In fact, in a discussion on the show's sub-Reddit titled "Can we please have more Trudy/Severide crossovers?," stills and dialogue quotes from a "Chicago Fire" episode featuring Trudy interacting with Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) were used to kick off the thread's heartfelt praise of Platt's character. Joining the chorus of approval was user u/oldladymindset, who stated simply, "Trudy (and her wit) is terribly underrated."

The desire for the show to make more of Morton's character is further reinforced in viewer comments responding to a clip show on TheSimpleThings YouTube channel titled, "The Very Best of Sgt. Trudy Platt." Commenting on the Platt clips, poster BrownSkin Girl declared, "I need to see more of her on CPD she's brilliant." Commenter Lee Dog felt the same, adding in a pitch for the cynical desk sarge to star in a show of her own, saying, "They could make a spinoff about Trudy at the desk all the time and I'd watch it." 

So, while all "Chicago P.D." characters great and small may have their devoted followings, the adorably snarky Trudy Platt seems to be one cop that fans feel has definitely been underrated and underused in past outings of the long-running series.