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Jensen Ackles' First Day On The Boys Set Was Extremely Revealing

On May 16, Amazon Prime Video released a final trailer for the upcoming third season of dark superhero comedy "The Boys" in advance of its imminent June release. Among a number of other additions, this trailer showcases new cast member Jensen Ackles as the Captain America-inspired Soldier Boy.

When Ackles first debuted his Soldier Boy look to his personal Instagram account, some fans found him near-unrecognizable, since Ackles both grew a beard and added some considerable muscle mass to his physique for the role. Ackles likewise gave fans some insight into how he approached embodying Soldier Boy on a podcast appearance released in January. He described the character as bigoted and curmudgeonly, due to the fact that many of his personal beliefs were formed during the 1940s and never changed all that significantly.

Recently, in conjunction with the release of the third and final trailer for "The Boys" Season 3, Ackles used a scene featuring his character as a jumping-off point to share an anecdote about why his first day on the set of "The Boys" was particularly uncomfortable.

Ackles met the cast of The Boys in his birthday suit

Following Amazon Prime Video's release of its final preview of "The Boys" Season 3, the Vanity Fair YouTube channel published a video in which the new trailer is intercut with clips of some of the series' cast members discussing this new footage. After a scene in which Soldier Boy emerges from what appears to be some form of captivity, Ackles revealed that, not only did filming this moment require him to appear entirely clothesless, but this was his very first day on the job.

"First day on set, they got me in my birthday suit to a crew I don't know that's masked up, so I can't see their expressions, which sucks, and to an entire cast that I'm literally shaking hands with for the first time," Ackles recounted.

He then went on to describe how he initially showed up wearing a robe, but that he soon had to remove it before cameras started rolling. So, while he may have been minimally clothed at first, it wasn't long before his newly-introduced cast and crew members saw just about all of him that there is to see.

Fans can watch Ackles in "The Boys" Season 3 when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 3.