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The 1940s Astrology Scale That Fetched A Small Fortune On American Pickers

When looking to learn about American history in the form of gadgets, knick-knacks, or cars, there's no need to look any further than History's "American Pickers." The show's two hosts, Mike Wolfe and Robbie Wolfe, travel around the most rural parts of the United States with high hopes of finding some of America's past hidden in the deepest corners of the yards and barns of some of the most committed collectors. 

While each episode is packed with unique pieces and the intriguing history behind them, some episodes feature rare gems that are not only a part of the past but a very niche part of the past. Making these finds some of the hardest to come by and the most enjoyable to watch for viewers.

Recently, the brothers and hosts hit the road and found themselves in the countryside of Jackson County, West Virginia. While rummaging through a General Store for any antiques that catch their eye in the town of Cottageville, Robbie comes across a never-before-picked piece of history that seamlessly blends coin-operated machinery and whimsical novelty.

A fully restored astrology scale can fetch up to $15,000

In "American Pickers" Season 23, Episode 2 ("Country Road Gold"), picker and host Robbie Wolfe comes across an astrology scale, just one of a vast collection of scales owned by Bruce Hunt. This is a special take on a common piece of American history. However, this piece is quite a bit different from any average scale. Instead of stepping on the scale and putting your money in to find out your weight, this scale provides a small card with an astrology reading — a fun and unique experience that surely attracted many curious guests with coins in their pockets.

Fortunately for Robbie, Hunt already has his own self-restored version of the astrology scale and is knowledgeable on the subject. Robbie soon learns that a restored astrology scale can fetch up to $15,000 from a buyer. This discovery brings with it the motivation to strike a deal with Hunt so that the scale might be restored to its former glory and given new life in the home of a collector. 

Ultimately, the pair came to an agreement of $1,000 for the scale in its current state, and both are pleased with the arrangement. The full clip featuring the star-studded item can be seen on History's YouTube channel. The astrology scale is a niche item that will undoubtedly make someone's dreams of owning a piece of American and astrology history come true.