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The Antique Show Fans Of American Pickers Need To Watch Next

History's "American Pickers" has no shortage of episodes to binge. Creator and host Mike Wolfe, shop manager Danielle Colby-Cushman, and former co-host Frank Fritz have found countless treasures in America's garages, barns, and attics, including lots of unique antique vehicles and vintage signs. They've also uncovered fascinating bits of Hollywood memorabilia and some truly compelling personalities along the way. 

Although "American Pickers" has enjoyed a devoted fanbase throughout its 22 seasons, the recent falling out between Wolfe and Fritz, which led to the latter exiting the series, may have some fans wondering if it's time to broaden their horizons and find another antique-centric show to deep dive into. Thankfully, we have just the series for you. Although, as the title suggests, "American Pickers" has a strong focus on the Americana aspects of the finds, there is a series from across the pond that will likely appeal to fans of History's hit show. One BBC offering that is conveniently available on Discovery Plus may be the best of the bunch.

The Repair Shop is heartwarming and fascinating

"The Repair Shop" debuted on the BBC Network in 2017 and has broadcast more than 200 episodes over 10 seasons (via IMDb). Furthermore, it earned the Royal Television Society's award for best daytime program in 2020 and enjoys an 8.7/10 rating from IMDb viewers. Jay Blades leads a team of experts, including Suzie Fletcher and her brother Steve, as they work to restore precious family keepsakes. While "American Pickers" takes to the road to hunt down treasures, "The Repair Shop" follows the "Antiques Roadshow" and "Pawn Stars" model of having people bring their heirlooms to the show. "The Repair Shop" adds the challenging dimension of starting with damaged items and restoring them to their original glory.

The team works from The Weald and Downland Living Museum outside Chichester, England, and their successful repairs have included a 400-year-old clock, paintings by Frederick Appleyard and C.J. Frost, and a violin with a backstory that is simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring. Each relic comes with its own history, and, like with "American Pickers," often the people are the real treasures, rather than the items they bring to the show. "The Repair Shop" delights with its charm and warmth, and the painstaking approach the team takes to restoring family heirlooms often yields astonishing results, making it an ideal fill-in for "American Pickers" fans.